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English Name: Falconia
Manga Debut: Episode 307 Falconia
Anime Debut: None

Falconia is Griffith's city, and capital of his new empire, born out of Emperor Ganishka's Apostle body of shiva when he was killed by Femto and cut with Skull Knight's Sword Of Actuation. It is located where Windham used to stand. While looking at it for the first time, Foss hinted that Falconia may be the "resurrection" of the ancient Windham, Emperor Gaiseric's ancient capital and motherland of all nations, now suited to Griffith's wish of becoming king. All that we can tell thus far is that it is reminiscent of Greek and Roman architecture with some hoplite and gryphon-like statues at the main gate. The Pope described it as "the capital of the new world" and the beginning of Griffith's rule.

A beautiful city, Falconia provides both a safe haven from the dangers of the outer world, now inhabited by all kinds of demons and monsters, as well as a place for people to trade and make a new life for themselves under the benevolent watch of Griffith.




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