English Name: Falconia
Manga Debut: Episode 307 Falconia
Anime Debut: None

Falconia is Griffith's city, and capital of his new empire, located where Windham used to stand and sitting underneath the World Tree.


Falconia came into being in the aftermath of the World Transformation, Foss musing it as a "resurrection" of the Windham that existed during Gaiseric's reign. The Holy See's Pontiff described it as "the capital of the new world" and the beginning of Griffith's rule. A beautiful city surrounded by stone markers, Falconia provides many humans a safe haven since the global Interstice allows various supernatural creatures to interact in the physical world.

As Rickert noted, many of the people have made a new life for themselves under the benevolent watch of Griffith. But the utopian appearance of Falconia conceals its darker aspects, such as the Apostles that became humanity's defenders engaging in death matches behind the palace.



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