The Four Elemental Kings
The Four Elemental Kings
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Four Elemental Kings
Four Invisible Lords
Four Angels




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The Four Kings of the World are a powerful group of four guardian angels (or spirits) of the borders of the world that dwell within the heart of the Astral World. These godlike beings govern over the spiritual elements of Wind, Water, Earth and Fire and watch over the forces of nature. They act as the most powerful astral incarnations.

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The Four Kings of the World cannot take corporeal form in the Physical World. If they do insert their presence in the mortal plane, it is through a magical practitioner acting as a conduit of their power on their behalf, such as Schierke. Unlike the God Hand, these beings act as benevolent figures towards humans and spiritual beings, but can only assist various beings by being personally contacted or prayed to. As explained by Schierke, these beings are documented as the Guardian Angels of the Cardinal Points in the Holy See's scriptures, though most priests still deny the existence of magic.[1] They are summoned for assistance by Schierke to ward off the malevolent creatures attacking the church of Enoch Village.

Since their first appearance, the Four Kings have been summoned for warding purposes by Schierke. [2][3] Eventually, Farnese learnt how to summon them during their classes at the Seahorse. [4]

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  • The incantation Schierke uses to summon the Four Kings comes from the Kabbalistic Cross, a part of the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram. It is commonly spelled as "Ateh Malkuth Ve-Geburah, Ve-Gedulah, Le-olam" ("For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever").
    • The ritual also deals with invoking the four elements and the presence of the archangels Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Uriel, each guarding a cardinal point.

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