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Frikka is a young female that appears in Berserk: The Prototype.

Appearance Edit

Frikka has pale skin and long, wavy white hair. She is dressed in a traditional villager's garb for women. Her design suggests that she was Griffith's prototype, but was later changed into a man and given a larger role.

Personality Edit

Frikka is a very demure and fragile looking young girl. She is also very trusting of Guts and thinks highly of him to the point that she has feelings for him, albeit that of a childhood crush. It's noticeable that the way she feels for Guts is transferred over to Griffith, who also shares her design, as both seem to initially care for Guts in one way or another.

Story Edit

This section requires expansion.

Notes Edit

  • Like Vlad Tepes, Frikka is non-canonical to the Berserk manga storyline, only existing in the prototype.

Appendices Edit

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