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Gaiseric Manga
Supreme King Gaiseric
Also known as

Skull King


Thousand-Year Fiefdom


Golden Age Arc III: Descent








Warlord, Emperor

Gaiseric was the first king of Midland, is a character who is so far reference as a figure connected to the first Eclipse in some manner yet to be revealed.


His face yet to be revealed, Gaiseric wears an armor which covers his torso with gauntlets with two dragon-heads on each. He also wears a skull helmet, which is very similar to Skull Knight's helmet, that he wears in battle and also a crown.


His personality is unknown because he is just mentioned, not seen.


According to legend, having brought together the warring tribes of Midland under one flag, Gaiseric established the first continent-wide empire 1000 years ago. But Gaiseric's reign later came to a horrific end through a holy man that he had imprisoned in the Tower of Conviction. The holy man proclaimed the king's sins in the midst of every possible torture until God sent his "angels" (most likely the God Hand) to punish Gaiseric for his gluttony. While the details of the event are unknown, it ended with the capital of Gaiseric's kingdom buried underground with the foreheads of the dead branded. According to Charlotte, whose family is descended from him, Gaiseric's disappearance caused his empire to dissolve into small kingdoms. A millennia later, his city would be resurrected and re-purposed as Griffith's kingdom of Falconia.


  • Gaiseric's skull-like helmet and possible connection with the God Hand have led many fans to speculate that he may be the Skull Knight of the present. Slan, one of the members of the God Hand, also refers to him as 'your majesty' so he could very well be Emperor Gaiseric. Further fueling this speculation is the crystal like spikes protruding from the top of the Skull Knight's head/helmet that bears a striking resemblance to a crown; this speculation remains unconfirmed.
  • Given that an Eclipse occurs every 216 years, Gaiseric must have disappeared 1080 years before the most recent Eclipse. The indication that there were four or five angels implies that members of the God Hand, with the exception of Void, are replaced frequently unless all of the recent Chosen have refused the sacrifice. Keeping this in mind, if the God Hand started with Void and if none of them refused sacrifice then Void would have been reborn around Gaiseric's time. Or the possibility that a Crimson Behelit had not been used in the eclipse feast's since the time of Emperor Gaiseric, Meaning that the members of the God Hand are never replaced just appointed only when chosen by a Crimson Behelit.
  • Gaiseric has many similarities to the historical figure Charlemagne, including that of uniting the different countries under one rule many centuries before the speculated time basis of when Berserk takes place (which is an ambiguous time around the 15th century). Gaiseric is based on the historical figure Geiseric (389 AD - January 25, 477 AD) who was the King of Vandals and Alans from 428 AD to 477 AD during the Roman Empire reign. His kingdom became a major Mediterranean power, rivaling the decadent Roman Empire.

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