Japanese Name: ゴブリン
English Name: Goblins
Manga Debut: Episode 306
Anime Debut: N/A

Goblins are a race of astral creatures that gained access to Earth not long after the light engulfed the world.

Appearance Edit

Goblins are small humanoid figures with big beady eyes, long, pointed ears and noses, reminiscent of the Trolls.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about them, however it can be assumed from their short appearence that they live in underground tunnels.

Abilities Edit

This section requires expansion.

Story Edit

A group of Goblins are seen making their way from the tunnels towards a rural village not long after the light granted them acess to the world.

Gallery Edit

This section requires expansion.

Notes Edit

This section requires expansion.

Appendices Edit

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