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God Hand Manga


God Hand



Goddo Hando

Also known as

Guardian Angels


Guardians of Desire (4)


Episode 24




Idea of Evil


Emissaries of the Idea of Evil

Gods? No... devils.

—Guts, describing the God Hand

The God Hand (ゴッドハンド Goddo Hando?) is a powerful group composed of five reality warping beings, who, as their name suggests, are the servants of the Idea of Evil, whom they believe to be "God". They are in turn revered as angels and pagan gods through humanity's history. They serve as the main antagonists of the series.


The God Hand's corpse avatars

The first four God Hand members using corpses to manifest during the Incarnation Ceremony

While the origins of the God Hand are a mystery, it is known that each member was once human. They each transcend into their current state of being using a Crimson Behelit during a solar Eclipse that occurs every 216 years, offering a mass sacrifice of loved ones to be consumed; the souls of those loved ones are used by the inductee to fashion a new form. The first record of the God Hand's existence was told in the story of Gaiseric, as legend spoke that his kingdom was wiped out when a holy man that, while imprisoned in the Tower of Conviction, summoned angels to smite Gaiseric for his sins. Throughout history, being incorporeal in the physical world and creating temporary vessels from whatever is at hand, the God Hand have influenced humanity and even the physical world to a degree, arranging events in human history while recruiting members and gaining servants in humans who become Apostles or establish various faiths in their honor. Guts learned of the God Hand's existence when they recruited their final member, Griffith, during his Eclipse.

Despite their lack of physical form, the God Hand bypass this flaw with an Incarnation Ceremony, a millennial event that they used to restore Griffith's physical presence so that he could act out his desire, thus furthering the God Hand's agenda. However, the ritual's aftermath also separated the senior members of the God Hand from each other, as they ended up in different layers of the Astral Realm, as Slan explained to the Skull Knight. It was only when the World Transformation occurred that the rest of the God Hand reunited and were able to fully manifest in the physical plane.


God Hand
Void Portrait Conrad Portrait Ubik Portrait Slan Portrait Femto Portrait
Void Conrad Ubik Slan Femto



  • Most of the God Hand's names are inspired by science-fiction novels. It is also worth noting that the design of the God Hand characters show similarity to Cenobites from the Hellraiser movie series, based on Clive Barker's novella, of which Miura is believed to be a fan.
  • Despite their power, the God Hand cannot completely predict the flow of fate and causality, nor are they invincible. Slan herself has admitted "they are not God himself".

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