Descent OST
Golden Age III OST Cover
Artist(s): Shiro Sagisu
Released: January 1, 2013
Label: Studio 4 °C

A list of the OST (original soundtrack) from the third movie of Berserk:

Track list Edit

Most of the tracks are listed as "L’Avenement", which is translated from French as "The Advent".

Track Name Artist Note Time
01 L’Avenement_01 (Piano ’Peche originel’) Shiro Sagisu Translated from French as "The Advent - Original Sin" 1.45
02 L’Avenement_02 (Flute ancienne) Shiro Sagisu Translated from French as "The Advent - Ancient Flute" 1.32
03 L’Avenement_03 (Citation de Haendel ’Trio F-Dur II’) Shiro Sagisu Played during the love scene between Guts and Casca. 2.05
04 L’Avenement_04 (Totenkopf) Shiro Sagisu The theme of the Skull Knight. Translated from French as "The Advent - Death's Head." 2.39
05 L’Avenement_05 (Violoncelle ’Soulagement’) Shiro Sagisu "The Advent - Relief (violoncello)" 5.19
06 L’Avenement_06 (Guitares ’1135’) Shiro Sagisu Played during the Band of the Falcon's time of uncertainity after learning the extent of Griffith's injuries. 4.11
07 L’Avenement_07 (Citation de Locke ’Ayre’) Shiro Sagisu References composer Matthew Locke. 3.14
08 L’Avenement_08 (Theme d’orchestre) Shiro Sagisu Theme of the Eclipse, played when the Apostles proceed to kill the Band of the Falcon. Translates from French as "The Advent - Orchestral Theme" 1.51
09 L’Avenement_09 (Cauchemar d’orchestre) Shiro Sagisu Played when Griffith is showed a vision of his past by Ubik. Translates from French as the "Nightmarish Orchestra." 3.27
10 L’Avenement_10 (Orchestre ’Soulagement’) Shiro Sagisu Played when the Eclipse is explained and Griffith is separated from the Band of Falcon. "The Advent - Relief (orchestral version)" 3.02
11 L’Avenement_11 (Bruit de pierre) Shiro Sagisu The Beherits' theme, played when Griffith is convinced to join the God Hand. Translates from French as "The Noise from the Stone" 2.24
12 L’Avenement_12 (Piano ’Dignite’) Shiro Sagisu Theme of the Interstice. Translates from French as "Visage" or "Face". 3.11
13 L’Avenement_13 (Chambre ’1147’) Shiro Sagisu A remix of "Des Liens Solides".

" The Advent - Room '1147' "

14 L’Avenement_14 (Orchestre ’1123_noir’) Shiro Sagisu 4.10
15 L’Avenement_15 (Citation de Beethoven ’Sonate pour piano n°23’) Shiro Sagisu Played when the transformed Griffith violates Casca while Guts attempts to stop him. A distorted remix of Ludwig van Beethoven's "Piano Sonata No. 23", which is also known as the "Appassionata" or "Passionate" sonata. 5.40
16 L’Avenement_16 (Orchestre ’Darkness comes to us all’) Shiro Sagisu Theme of the God Hand. Played when Guts finds the bloodied remains of the Band of the Falcon while fending off Apostles and then after the Skull Knight gets Guts and Casca to safety. 5.08
17 L’Avenement_17 (Guitare ’1123’) Shiro Sagisu A remix of "Blood and Guts Passionate," played when a heart-broken Guts sees Casca in her broken state and runs off. 4.57
18 L’Avenement_18 (Chant) Shiro Sagisu Played during Griffith's decent into the depths of the Abyss towards the Idea of Evil and later during Guts' fight with the fell spirits. 4.01
19 L’Avenement_Closing Credits Shiro Sagisu A remix of "Blood and Guts (Closing Credits)" 4.46
20- Bonus Eschatologie II (piano) Shiro Sagisu 4.47
21- Bonus Sang et... (piano) Shiro Sagisu Translated from French as "Blood and.." 5.34

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