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Griffith | Femto

Griffith Post-Eclipse Manga





Also Known As

Femto (フェムト Femuto)

Manga Debut

Golden Age 4 || (Femto: Quickening)

Anime Debut

Episode 2 || (Femto: Episode 25)

Japanese Voice

Toshiyuki Morikawa

English Voice

Kevin Collins



Hair Color

White (None as Femto)

Eye Color

Blue (Red as Femto in the movies)




Neo Band of the Hawk, Falconia and God Hand

Previous Affiliation

Band of the Hawk


Ruler of Falconia

Previous Occupation


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Griffith is the main antagonist of the series. He is the founder and leader of the mercenary group Band of the Hawk, the ruler of the city of Falconia and the fifth member of the God Hand known as Femto.


Griffith Edit

Griffith is of average height and an athletic toned build, with a somewhat pale skin tone. He has long curly white hair, often seen straight in the anime with blue eyes. He is noted to be a very beautiful man, and has feminine features that many have commented surpass that of women's, while some can hardly tell he is a man.

Femto Edit

Femto appears with exposed scale-like muscles, cape-like wings on his back, with his torture mask (previously the iconic hawk-beak helmet) fused to his body. The entirety of his body is black (dark red in the TV anime).


He was continually focused on his goal of achieving his dream of obtaining his own kingdom, willing to sacrifice anything and everything to achieve it. From birth he had always "known the way up", allowing him to command several soldiers with his charismatic ability. To this end, he sees his subordinates as objects rather than friends. In this regard, he can be considered something of a sociopath, in the sense that he is charismatic, manipulative and uses people to achieve his own ends. For example it is implied that his involvement with the princess of Midland was a facade to allow him to rise further.

The only member of the first Band of the Hawk excepted from his manipulative nature and abilities was Guts, who Griffith states was the "only person who was able to make him forget his dream". Griffith had purposely abandoned the castle he was defending to recruit Guts into the Band of the Hawk, marking the only time he had actively and forcibly recruited another person. Later, Guts became the only person who has ever chosen to leave his service, which led Griffith to challenge Guts to a duel over this "betrayal". After losing to Guts, Griffith became so forlorn as to recklessly seduce the princess and was imprisoned as a result. Some have interpreted this as indicative of a homosexual, or at least homophilic, aspect of Griffith's feelings for Guts during the Golden Age, but there is no direct evidence of an erotic inclination. What is uncontestable is that Griffith valued Guts above all other members of the Hawks and was deeply distressed by the affront that another could place his dreams above his own enough to leave him. 



One of his main abilities after being reborn is the power to induce submission in others just by being around them. The sight of him and the sound of his voice are enough to bend anyone's will and turn them into loyal servants, ready to die at his command. Ganishka had his ambition almost shattered when confronted by Griffith, feeling that he would "sacrifice everything" if he allowed himself to be touched by him. Turning into mist as a last resort to avoid direct contact was his only way of not being enslaved.


As a member of the God Hand, Femto is one of the strongest entities in the series. Every Apostle worships him along with the other members of the God Hand as their gods.

He is present along with the other members of the God Hand when they are summoned by a Behelit in order to create new apostles.

He seems to be a gravity/space warper. He used this for inter-planar travel between different layers of the world, is able to create a barrier that deflects physical attacks, and a space-warping ability that either sucks or expels everything within its radius or traps a supernatural attack, allowing him to manipulate it to his wishes. The extent to which these powers have been passed on to his human form is now determined to be the same as at the Eclipse when, atop Ganishka in his second form, Griffith reverted to Femto.

It can also be assumed that like the other God Hand members, he can see the future and manipulate causality. After using Ganishka as a medium for his reality warping powers, he warped reality on a planet-sized scale for a brief moment, causing the large scale Reality Warp called the World Transformation, and the merging of the Physical and Astral planes.


  • In the anime series he is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa in Japanese, and by Kevin T. Collins in English.
  • In the Berserk Film Trilogy he is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai. Child Griffith is voiced by Minami Takayama in the Japanese and by Veronica Taylor in English.
  • In the original anime, Griffith's armour is different from that seen in the manga and film trilogy and Femto's form is red rather than black.
  • The set armor worn by Griffith during the Golden Age Arc, as well as Set Guts' attire, can be attained in the game Dragon's Dogma. His talon saber and Guts' sword from the arc appear as well.
  • It is likely that Frikka from Chapter 00 forms the basis for Griffith's appearance and at least some nuance of his attraction towards Guts.
  • The appearance of his helmet bears resemblance to Winslow Leach from the 1974 film Phantom of the Paradise.
  • In the original anime, Femto's form is red instead of black.
  • His name may be inspired by the mathematical prefix PHEMT or femto-.

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