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Guts' Traveling Party



Gattsu ichigyō


Episode A0
The Black Swordsman


Males & Females

Guts' Traveling Party (unofficial name) (ガッツ一行 Gattsu ichigyō?) is a party consisting of allies Guts came across after the original Band of the Hawk had perished. Only taking with him Casca from the original Band of the Hawk, his party slowly, but surely increases in size as the story progresses and the journey continues. As Guts had originally planned to fight the God Hand and Apostles alone, he does not think of forming a party until Isidro, Farnese, and Serpico join, reminding him of his late comrades in the Band of the Hawk. Though the Skull Knight is not a member of the party, he is an ally to the group.


Originally, after the Eclipse took the lives of his friends within the Band of the Hawk and rendered Casca a shell of her former self, Guts left her and Rickert with Godo while he traveled alone to avenge their comrades' deaths by hunting the Apostles who devoured them and the man who allowed the monsters to do it in order to join the God Hand, Griffith. Two years after beginning his quest for revenge, Guts met the elf Puck during his hunt for the Snake Baron. Though Puck could not explain why he travels with him despite Guts refusing his company, he followed the swordsman as he gradually accepts him since Puck can hold off weak spirits that might attempt to attack him during the day and heal his injures.

Sometime after mortally wounding Rosine, Guts finds himself hunted by the Holy Iron Chain Knights as his reputation made the Holy See Religious Order believe him to be a threat. This resulted with Guts meeting Farnese de Vandimion, whose faith had been shaken when she saw the restless spirits that haunt Guts. Following the hellish events at St. Albion, where she meets Guts again while he was saving Casca after she ran off from being burned at the stake, Farnese renounces her faith and attempts to look for Guts in search for answers to the world's true nature with subordinate Serpico following suit to protect her. On the way to St. Albion, Guts was joined by a youth named Isidro who followed the swordsman to learn his fighting style before losing sight of him after the chaos caused by the Incarnation Ceremony that brought Griffith back.

Though Guts returns Casca to Godo's hut, the cave she was placed in for her safety from the spirits was destroyed during his fight with Nosferatu Zodd. This places Guts and Puck to embark on a quest to get Casca safely to the latter's homeland Elfhelm, which produced to be trouble for Guts as had to deal with protecting Casca while fending off stronger spirits and controlling the darkness within himself. It was only when he comes across Farnese, Serpico, and Isidro that Guts decides to let them accompany him since they can help him look after Casca better as she became distrustful towards him when he lost control of himself the previous night.

While helping an old man named Morgan find the witch Flora, the group arrives in the Mansion of the Spirit Tree where they meet the witch's apprentice Schierke and assist her and her elf Ivalera in dealing with the trolls ravaging Morgan's village after she equips them with charms and weapons to battle creatures of the astral realm. It was after his encounter with Slan that Guts realizes he gained true comrades while gaining the Berserker Armor before continuing towards Elfhelm with the help of Roderick, Isma, and the merrow.


Name Position Status
Farnese de VandimionMemberAlive
Manifico de VandimionMemberAlive


  • Interestingly, Guts himself is commonly seen trailing behind his party members as if watching over them in a protective manner. This is in stark contrast with the Neo Band of the Hawk, where Griffith is usually seen on the front lines.

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