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Guts Golden Age

Guts GA Anime AV


Guts BS Anime SV

Guts Conviction

Guts Anime

Guts MilFalcon

Guts Fantasia





Also known as

The Black Swordsman
Hundred Man Slayer
Branded Swordsman
Heartless Swordsman


Episode A0
The Black Swordsman


(1997 Anime)
Episode 1
Black Swordsman

(2016 Anime)
Episode 1
The Dragonslayer

Japanese voice

Hiroaki Iwanaga (2016 Anime, Movies (Adult), Berserk Musou)

Nobutoshi Canna (1997 Anime (Adult), Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage, Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Shō)

Orine Fukushima (1997 Anime (Child))

Jun Inoue (Movies (Child))

English voice

Marc Diraison (1997 Anime (Adult), Movies (Adult))

Kaiji Tang (2016 Anime (Adult))

Maria Dente (1997 Anime (Child))

Colin DePaula (Movies (Child))

Michael Bell (Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage)




15 (Beginning of the Golden Age Arc)
19 (End of Golden Age Arc)
20-21 (Black Swordsman Arc)
23 (Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc)
24 (Fantasia Arc) [1]


190 cm (6'3") [2]
204 cm (6'8") [1]


115 kg (254 lbs) [1]

Hair color

Black, with white patch

Eye color







Guts' Travelling Party

Previous affiliation

Band of the Hawk

Previous occupation

Captain of the Band of the Hawk
Knight (Revoked)


Gambino (Adoptive Father)
Shisu (Adoptive Mother)
Demon Child (Son)

Image Gallery


Berserk v3 p186-187

An infant Guts found by Gambino's company.

Guts is born from a woman hanged among other corpses on a tree that is discovered by a mercenary group under a man named Gambino. Though Gambino assumed the infant was dead before he started crying, his men seeing the circumstances of his birth a bad omen, the mercenary leader decides to adopt him at the behest of his lover Shisu who suffered a miscarriage three days prior. Years after Shisu died when was three, Guts is trained by Gambino to use a sword and later enlisted in the mercenary group at age nine. But Guts's relationship to Gambino starts to break apart when another mercenary in the group, Donovan, claims that he bought the boy from Gambino for his depraved pleasure. But Gambino's seeming obliviousness to what happened the previous night drives Guts to kill Donovan during a job where Gamino loses his leg and deem unable to fight.

Guts &amp; Gambino Faceoff

Guts forced to defend himself from Gambino.

Two years pass, despite now able to fight battle against people many times his size and age, Guts feels Gambino is not acknowledging his skills. However, he finds himself being attacked by Gambino as the man blames from for Shisu's death and the loss of his leg while admitting that he did sell Guts to Donovan. Devastated at these revelations, Guts is forced to kill Gambino to defend himself as his adopted father calls out to Shisu before he causes the tent to be engulfed in flames. This alerting the rest of the mercenary group to the situation, believing Guts killed their leader in cold blood with the boy escaping the encampment by horse with the mercenaries pursuing him until he fell off a cliff and assumed he died. But Guts survived and, after fending off a wolf pack, was taken in by another wandering group of mercenaries who are in need of another soldier in their ranks.

The Spring Blossoms of Another Day


Martino uses Guts as a distraction so he can make his own getaway.

After being imprisoned alongside his fellow mercenaries as a result of being on the losing side of a battle and have been captured to serve as manual labor in building a castle. Guts meets a man named Martino, who learns of the youth's story of wandering by himself and express hope he would finds a mercenary band he can befriend. But despite Martino's kindness, he ultimate used Guts as a decoy to make his escape. Coming to in a cell, Guts began to accept his fate before seeing a lone spring blossom flower growing inside his cell with what looked to be a girl hiding behind the stem.

Eventually, Guts believing she might be a fever-induced hallucination meant to represent his personal flaws, the being introduced herself as a flower spirit named Chitch as she healed the wounds inflicted on by the grounds while keeping him alive. In return, still skeptical, Guts promises to place her flower in a field once he is freed. By the time Guts's fever broke, he realizes Chitch is real while unable to call her due to the flower lacking leaves. When taken to participate in gladiatorial combat against the his jailer's son, Guts plucked Chitch's flower before he left his cell. Eventually gaining the upper hand, Guts takes the nobleman's son hostage before Chitch's flower flew off his person as a mercenary troop led by Martino attack. After a brief moment facing Martino, Guts finds Chitch's flower has been trampled on by a horse and fulfill his promise to her while still conflicted if he truly met a spirit or not.

Golden Age Arc

Egg of the King


Guts dueling Griffith

While hired by a nobleman siege a fort, Guts' act of defeating afamed knight named Bazuso attracts the attention of the one placed in charge of holding the fort: Griffith. While offered to work for the noble full time, Guts refuses and takes the money. Soon after, Guts is ambushed by one of Griffith's men Corkus and it escalates into him attacking a female subordinate before Griffith intervened and took Guts own. When Guts comes to after two, received ill hospitality from the woman whose name he learns is Casca as she slept with him to keep him warm, he finds himself in the company of the Band of the Hawk. Furthermore, Guts learns that Griffith wants him to join his group and outright refuses unless they have a one-on-one duel. Ultimately, Guts loses and is bond by the deal to join the Hawks and in time, with Casca convincing the others to accept him as their new team mate, becomes their Raid Captain within three years' time as the group is eventually inducted into the Midland military with Griffith named viscount.

Pincer strike on Zodd

Guts and Griffith execute a pincer strike on Zodd.

During Midland's campaign against Chuder, Guts raids a castle occupied by Chuder forces that is occupied by one figure: A legendary swordsman and rumored immortal named Nosferatu Zodd. When the forty nine of the fifty men he sent in were slaughtered by Zodd, the last one escaping horribly mangled and living for a few seconds, Guts decides to fight the inhuman. But Guts finds himself in a losing battle when Zod transforms into a monster before his Hawk teammates arrive to save him. It was only when Zodd noticed the Behelit around Griffith's neck that he departs while cryptically revealing to Guts the manner of his unavoidable death. After getting punched by Casca for his stubbornness getting Griffith hurt during the rescue, Guts decides to train before is found by Griffith. After telling Griffith that Zodd only left upon seeing his Behelit, he asks why he personally came to save him. The discussion comes to an end when the King of Midland appears and Griffith meets the king's daughter Charlotte. When a assassination attempted on Griffith by the king's brother Julius failed, Guts is given the task to secretly kill the noble during a ceasefire celebration while leaving no loss ends. This resulted in the death of Julius and his son Adonis, which effected Guts as he manages to escape without being seen. Finding Griffith, Guts ends up overhearing his leader's ideals to Charlotte and is dismayed to heard Griffith consider him and the others as tools for his end.

Battle of Doldrey


Casca resents that Guts is the person Griffith relies on the most.

During a battle between the Hawks and Chuder's Blue Whale Knights, Casca silently suffers from menstruation as she knocked off her horse by Adon Coborlwitz. Though saved by Guts as he drives Adon off, he ends up falling while attempting to save Casca when she passes out into the river below. Luckily, Guts manages to get himself and Casca out of the water before dragging the latter into a nearby cave. Despite them both being freezing cold, Guts couldn't risk lighting a fire and decides to keep her warm with his body heat after stripping her of the wet clothes. When Casca comes to, punching him upon learning he undressed her prior to covering her in a blanket of leaves, Guts listens to Casca's story of the early days of the Band of Hawk along with the reason for her animosity towards him. When the two were found by the Blue Whale Knights, Guts kills Adon's brother Samson and a majority of his forces while Casca flees before being found by their group. After Guts is brought by their camp via stretcher, Casca dulls the pain from his wounds with elf dust.As Casca administers the elf dust, Guts says that he considers her, Griffith, and the rest of the Hawks to be admirable for having dreams to move towards compared to himself. While Casca figures he intends to leave the Hawks, he assures her that he will stay with them until their campaign ends.

Guts Royal Ball

Guts attending the royal ball.

Later into the campaign, Griffith offers his team to reclaim the impenetrable fortress of Doldrey from Chuder. As Casca and a select group steal into the fortress after its halls are mostly emptied out, Guts faces Boscogn of the Holy Purple Rhino Knights and manages to kill him with a sword that was thrown to him by Zodd. Upon returning to Windham as heroes, the Hawks learn they are to attend an banquet thrown in their honor. With the exception of Griffith, who is used to being in the presence of aristocrats, the other key male members of the Hawks feel out of place among in their formal attire while surrounded by adoring women. When Guts notices Casca, she drags him to the terrace to discuss what he will if he really means to leave the Hawks. But the Midland royal family appear before Guts could answer, Casca running back in while Guts remains outside as he has another reason to attend to banquet: Namely to assist Griffith in removing the last of his political rivals who would attempt to poison him that night.

Guts leaves Griffith and the Hawks

Guts leaving the Band of the Hawk.

A month later, Guts goes though with leaving the Band of the Hawk so he can find his own path and be seen by Griffith as an equal. As Guts leaves, he is noticed by Casca as she tries to use their newly-formed friendship to stay. But he is not persuaded as Judeau and Corkus take him to a tavern to converse, learning of Guts's reasons. After sending Corkus off, Judeau explains he and the other Hawks were nothing before meeting Grifith and though he cannot stop Guts, he will see him off on his way. But once at the outer wall, Guts finds the rest of the Hawks there with Griffith refusing to let Guts go. This forces the two to have another duel, with Guts winning his freedom and walks passed a shocked Griffith while ignoring Casca's pleas. Later camping out in the woods after sunset, on edge since, Guts starts to have second thoughts of his decision before encountering a mysterious skeletal horseman of outer-worldly origin. The Skull Knight, knowing he was born from a dead woman, addresses Guts as a struggler while revealing to know he is blessed with an ability to escape death. The Skull Knight also revealing that an eclipse will occur in a year's time, telling Guts that he and his friends will face unimaginable tragedy and death before fading away.

The Advent


Guts and Casca kiss beneath the waterfall.

A year after leaving the Band of the Hawk, after training in the mountains yet not finding his dream, Guts visits blacksmith a Godo and his daughter Erica. Guts later participates in a combat tournament where he learns of a bandit group is all that remained of the Band of the Hawk. Recognizing the description of the leader as Casca, Guts finds her and the other Hawks while driving off a dark-skinned foreign mercanary named Silat sent to kill them. Guts soon learns how Griffith got imprisoned for sleeping with king's daughter and that Casca took over as leader when the king attempted to wipe them out in an ambush. The Hawks also reveal that learn where Griffith is being held and plan to save him. Soon after, Guts has a brief altercation with Casca over blaming him for Griffith's imprisonment while revealing her unresolved feelings for him. When Guts stops Casca from taking her life, the two spend the night together while declaring their love for each other. The next day, as Rickert remains with the wounded, Guts would accompany the rest of the Hawks to infiltrate Windham and reach the Tower of Rebirth.


Guts finds Griffith's mangled body.

With aid from the Hawks' informant, Charlotte, Guts enters the tower and finds the wretch that Griffith has been reduced to while killing his torturer. The group then flee Windham, fending off the king's hired Bakiraka and then the Black Dog Knights under Wyald, who is revealed to be a monster like Zodd. While Guts managed to fatally wound him, Wyald reveals the full extent of Griffith's damaged body before he was killed by Zodd. By that time, Guts has realized that what he heard from Zodd and the Skull Knight are related to one event. When the group arrives to Midland's border and get discussion over what happens know, Casca decides to end her relation with Guts to take care of Griffith while beseeching him to follow his dream. However, fate had other plans as Griffith finds his behelit after running off and unintentionally activates it as Guts and the others find him.

Guts Eclipse Flashback

Guts finding the slaughtered corpses of his comrades.

Ending up in the Interstice, Guts and the others learn from the assembled God Hand that they are to be sacrificed so Griffith can transcend his humanity to join them. Though Guts attempts to ask Griffith if he is really considering the God Hand's proposal, he is told that Griffith's will and desire will decree their preordained fate as he then causes the ground to reshape itself into an enormous hand of faces to bring Griffith into the sky. With Griffith sitting on the palm and the God Hand each occupying a finger, Guts begins to climb up the arm to reach his friend while the other Hawks watch. But by the time Guts reached him, Griffith accepts the proposal to achieve his dream and Guts is branded on the neck. Though Guts attempts to break Griffith out, he gradually accepts the truth that he intentionally sacrifice him and the others. Guts is then forced to fight for his life against the Apostles before finding out that everyone has been horrifically killed except for Casca. Though Guts attempts to reach her, one of the apostles bites down on Gut's left forearm. Before the Apostles can begin to further abuse Casca in front of Guts, a loud heartbeat is heard, drawing all their attention to the giant hand as Griffith emerges in his new state of being. Rechristened "Femto" by the God Hand, Griffith uses his new body to descend towards Guts while beckoning Casca to be brought to him. Unable to move, Guts could only watch as his former friend proceeds to sexually violate Casca until he could no longer bear it as he uses broken blade to amputate his own arm to free himself before attempting to kill Griffith. However, the apostles pin Guts down and force him to watch Casca being ravaged before one of the demons punctured his right eye once the deed is done. Luckily, Guts and Casca were rescued before they were devoured.

Guts Post-Eclipse Anime

Guts, the Black Swordsman.

Four days later, finding himself in an elven cave, Guts learns that Rickert is the only survivor of rest of the Hawks were killed by apostles a day before the Eclipse. Furthermore, Guts learns that Casca's mind was destroyed by the incident as he runs off before being found by the Skull Knight. while his brand suddenly began to bleed without warning. The Skull Knight explains to Guts that he is now a being of the interstice and is now destined to fight for his life against restless spirits attracted to his brand. As Guts yells his distain towards fate while driving the spirits away, he vows to kill Griffith, the God Hand, and the Apostles to avenge his comrades. When Guts realizes the spirits are now making their way towards Casca, he reaches her as she births a fetus-like being from her body: their unborn child tainted by Griffith. After explaining the child will always follow them out of a need for its parents, the Skull Knight leaves Guts with advice to embrace evil to hunt evil should he go after the Apostles. A month of training later, outfitted with a all-black set of armor and cloak with throwing knives and a prosthetic arm Rickert made from scrap, Guts prepares to leave while Godo gives Guts a freshly-made sword to help him. But it was only during a surprise apostle attack that Guts takes the Dragonslayer sword as his ideal weapon, leaving Rickert and Casca with Godo as he begins his hunt.

The Black Swordsman Arc


Guts calling out the Snake Baron

Two years have past since Guts began his journey of hunting and killing Apostles, his latest being the blonde woman responsible for killing Corkus by feigning to have fallen for her deception to kill her while her guard is down. The next day, Guts arrives to the village of Koka and attacks a group of bandits in a tavern who were amusing themselves by torturing an elf named Puck, sparing one to tell his boss that the "Black Swordsman" has arrived. Suddenly surrounded by soldiers, Guts is apprehended and later imprisoned in the town's castle by town mayor for endangering the town by provoking the monstrous Snake Baron who the bandits work for. Later, after having an encounter with the Demon Child, Guts is visited by Puck who wanted to return the favor to Guts for indirectly saving him by healing his wounds. After telling Puck his ideals that the weak desire to die, forcing the disgusted elf to leave after bringing him the key to his cell, Guts's brand acts up as he senses the baron coming to wipe out the entire town.[3]

Baron Dying

Guts standing above the dying Snake Baron.

In the grisly aftermath, Guts makes his presence known as he kills many of the bandits before facing the Snake Baron himself as he assumes his true form to overpower the swordsman. But Guts fires the hidden cannon in his prosthetic arm at the baron's face, using the recoil to grab the Dragonslayer to bifurcate the apostle where he stood. As the baron lies dying, recognizing him a escaped sacrifice, Guts proceeds to torture him for the God Hand's location. But after the baron reveals that he knows nothing, Guts leaves him to die in the flames.[3] But soon after being hunted by spirits in the woods, Guts encounters Puck again when a wandering priest named Adolf offers to give him a ride despite refusing the offer twice. This ultimately results in Guts fending off the spiritually animated corpses that kill the priest and his daughter Collette. The fight lasts until morning with Guts all worn out and a tearful Puck attempting to comfort Guts while assuring him it was not his fault that the priest and his daughter died. Guts coldly chuckles, remarking that only the weak get themselves killed in someone else's battle.[4] Puck recoils at Guts' cruel comments before the swordsman fires his cannon in the air to silence the spirits' voices in his head telling him that will never find peace.


Guts and God Hand.

With Puck accompanying him to his dismay, Guts arrives to the village of another Apostle who partook in the Eclipse, the heretic-hunting Count, and quickly makes his intentions known in a public spectacle after a beheading. Easily defeating by the guards' captain Zondark, Guts manages to escape with the aid of bandaged man who eventually reveals himself to the Count's former physician Vargas.[5] Vargas explains that he learned of Count's secret when his obsession with hunting heretics began, forced to watch his own family devoured by the Apostle while he was severely disfigured. It was by chance that Vagras escaped with the Count's behelit in hand. Though Vargas request an alliance between them as they have a mutual enemy, Guts explains that he will kill the Count for no one's sake but his own prior to Vargas's lab coming under attack by Zondark after he was infused with a piece of the Count's body to have his revenge. Though Guts escapes while taking the behelit with him, Vargas is captured and later taken to be executed. Though Puck wanted him to save Vargas, Guts explains the Count arranged an ambush and allies the event to occur while the elf's attempt got him captured and taken to room of the Count's daughter Theresia.


A not-so-stoic Black Swordsman.

Later paying his respects to Vargas in the mass grave of the Count's previous victims after sunset, Guts nearly gets possessed by one of the revenge-driven dead before expelling the spirit as he declares that he will kill the Count as a living man than as a puppet to a dead man's desire. Guts raids the Count's castle, killing what remained of Zondark's body as he presses forward to find the Count. During the battle, Guts grabs Theresia and uses her father's sentiment to land a death bow and stabbing at the apostle before his blood activate the behelit. This allows Guts to have his chance of revenge at Griffith, only to find out this enemy has learned to use his God Hand powers while explaining the level of pain a sacrificial brand induces depends on how power a fell creature is. The God Hand's leader Void stalls Griffith's hand so they can to proceed with the Count's wish for renewed life. But the Count's indecision to sacrifice his own daughter results with him being dragged into the Abyss with Guts escaping being dragged in himself as he is returned to the physical world. After indirectly convincing Theresia to live, and hate him, Guts leaves while remembering his days as a member of the Band of Hawks.

Conviction Arc

The Lost Children

Chapter 96

Guts facing a spiritually animated tree

After his battle with the Count, Guts wandered deep in the woods for three days. On the third day, in the midst of a downpour, Guts would come across a small group of bandits who intend to sell a captured girl named Jill to a brothel. Though Guts warns the bandits to leave while they can, Guts ends up fighting a massive tree animated by the souls of pagans who have offered themselves to it. Guts manages to cleaves the tree creature in half, killing it while the girl looked on in horror at the swordsman's brutal methods. After the sun rises, Guts brings Jill back to her village and learns that it is ravaged by murderous elves from the Misty Valley in the east who have been abducting children.


Guts uses Jill as his means of escaping the village.

But Guts realizes their true identity from his brand reacting to their presence after nightfall, tricking the insect-like imps that the villagers considered as elves into a barn house to incinerate them. This attracts the attention of the fake elves' leader, the apostle Rosine who weakens him with her poison wind scales before flying off after Jill recognizes her. Once the danger has passed, having hid in their homes, the villagers find the charred remains of the missing children in the remains of the barn house. Guts, fighting the poison and not explaining himself, takes Jill hostage to escape into the forest so he would not be lynched as a child murderer. Once safely outside the village, Guts releases Jill while apologizing for endangering her and tells her to go back when she requests to accompany him to the Misty Valley. But Guts finds Jill had followed him regardless as he was being attacked by the spirits of the deceased village children.

Chapter 106

Guts fighting through the Misty Valley guardians.

The next day, after his wounds are healed and cured of the poison, Guts learns more on Rosine from Jill. Guts reveals to Jill how Rosine assumed her current form and advices her to not interfere when he kills the Apostle before walking off. However, Guts failed to expect Rosine would abduct Jill and follows them to the entrance of the Misty Valley. There, Guts finds himself dealing with the surviving bandits that held Jill captive, who have been turned by Rosine into members of insectoid guards. Guts proceeds to slaughter the army of insect-men in his berserk state of mind before reaching his destination and saves Jill from being made a familiar by setting the entire Misty Valley on fire.


Guts and the manifested Beast of Darkness.

Outmatched against Guts, Rosine assumes her true form to kill him for destroying her utopia and create a new one with Jill by her side. While the battle pushed both to their limits, Guts is ultimately the winner as he uses Rosine's friendship with Jill to land a mortal blow on her. Guts was about to kill her when Jill placed herself in harm's way to deter him, the swordsman forced to abandon his quarry when the Holy Iron Chain Knights, silver-clad knights of the Holy See Religious Order assigned to pursue him, arrive and drive him off. After eluding the knights, and then Jill as she made a final attempt to join him, Guts runs off to fend off the pursuing spirits as some of them melded into an medium for a personified darkness within Guts which has been thriving from Guts's countless kills and would eventually consume him.

Binding Chains


Guts and Iron Chain Holy Knights.

The next day, seeing Puck fending him from small spirits, Guts finally accepts the elf as his traveling partner before they are surrounded by Iron Chain Knights. Refusing to surrender at demands of the knights' leader Farnese de Vandimion, Guts fends off most of the knights before their senior member Azan overwhelms him in a duel. As Guts is still worn out from his previous battles with Rosine and the spirits, the swordsman makes a dash at Farnese to take her hostage. But Guts is knocked off his feet by Farnese's right hand Serpico, who made it seem that a fearful Farnese intentionally wounded Guts in the shoulder with her blade. After regaining her composure over drawing blood for the first time, Farnese has Guts placed in taken to the Iron Chain Knights' camp in stocks.

Once at the knights' camp, Guts is tied to the pole in Farnese's tent as she intended to personally interrogate him on his connections to the Hawk of Darkness. But Guts provokes Farnese by insulting her religion while not answering her questions, showing no expression of pain when whipped for his insolence before he is placed in a cage. Eventually, the sun sets and Guts senses the restless spirits beginning to awaken. Luckily, Guts is freed by Puck and he proceeds to retrieve his gear while taking Farnese hostage as he is still not in top form as he escapes on horseback with Serpico chasing after him before the spirits pursing cause the knight to be knocked off his horse.

Guts kills the horse

A horrified Farnese saved by Guts.

The spirits soon converge on Guts and a frightened Farnese as the former tells her that they are creatures that her God brings into the world. Guts was too focused on the spirits to keep the horse from running straight off the cliff, managing to save Farnese as he wants answers to why her group is after him. But Guts soon finds himself surrounded by hounds that the spirits have possessed and deformed into human-faced monstrosities, telling a frightened Farnese that these are her god's "miracles" and mockingly advices her to pray the hounds away before he preceeds to slaughter them. But when Guts sees Farnese about to mounted by the now-possessed horse, it sparked memories of the Eclipse and drove him into an utter murderous rage as he beheads the horse before going after the remaining hounds. The battle lasted all night.

As dawn approaches, an exhausted Guts finds himself facing one last possessed opponent: Farnese. With the possessing spirit preying on her unsavory qualities, Farnese is forced to act out her lust on Guts until the spirit is forced by daylight to leave her body. The very act mortified Farnese as she sees Serpico who covers her with a cloak, ordering him to kill Guts to keep her dignity. But Serpico reminds the emotionally shaken Farnese of their mission, allowing Guts to leave despite a brief testing of their abilities.


Guts encountering the Demon Child.

Almost a month later, a plague consumes much of Midland and Guts eventually comes to a deserted village where those who died of disease have been left to rot inside the village church. Guts was wary of staying as the spirits inside the church may try to attack him while taking a brief nap before Puck directs him to an elvish stone formation that would protect the swordsman. However, Guts receives a nightmare by the Demon Child of Casca being burned at the stake while told that he must hurry to the "holy city where the blind sheep gather". Guts realizes Casca is in danger and races to Godo where he learns that she had wandered off a month before his arrival. After realizing he has no right to blame Rickert or Erica as he left Casca in their care, Guts meets with Godo who has become bedridden with age.

Guts sets out to rescue Casca

Guts decides to set aside his revenge to focus on finding Casca.

After Godo inspects his gear, noting it has ten year's worth of wear over a course of two years, the blacksmith attempts to convince Guts to abandon his quest for revenge as he is keeping himself from moving on while criticizing him of denying both Rickert and Casca their own right for revenge. Guts later learns that Rickert, having been trained by Godo since they last met, managed to move on from the Band of the Hawk by building a monument in their memory. This, and a nightmare involving his inner darkness, affects Guts as he realizes that he never had a right to avenge the Hawks as he left them a year before their demise. Guts also realized the only thing that kept him sane after the Eclipse was his love for Casca, vowing to save her at any cost. The next day, after equipping himself with his freshly mended equipment, Guts inquires information from Rickert that the place in his dream to be the holy city of St. Albion which has become a haven for those escaping the plague. Also learning the city is overseen by the Holy See, Guts fears that his dream of Casca was during a witch trial and quickly leaves for Albion.

Guts accepts Isidro

Guts attempting to tell Isidro not to follow him.

Along the way, Guts came to an abandoned village where finds himself facing a Kushan scouting party that is also looking for Albion. Forced to fighting the Kushan despite telling them to stand aside, Guts saves a youth named Isidro in the process. As Guts resumes his journey, Isidro follows after him despite Guts advising him not to. But they are soon attacked by the spirits possessing the corpses of men that were executed by Mozgus days ago. Guts directs his anger on the spirits to fight his way through, tossing Isidro to safety so he would not be a victim in his fight.

Guts reacts to the New Eclipse

Guts learning he is walking into another Eclipse.

After running for miles while fending off his spectral pursuers, Guts comes face to face with the Skull Knight who reveals to be heading to Albion himself. The Skull Knight explains that the city, having amassing immense concentration of negative emotions spanning centuries, has become the ideal place for the God Hand to orchestrate an event that occurs once every millennia known as the Incarnation Ceremony. He also reveals to Guts that the dreams everyone in Midland have been having all point to Griffith being reconstituted in corporal form and that the swordsman and Casca have been guided by the laws of causality to bring about carnage like that of the Eclipse. Guts is skeptical of the Skull Knight's words being set in stone as he is intends to save Casca before resuming towards, the Skull Knight musing that they might change the course of destiny despite appearing to know what fate is store for Casca.

The Incarnation Ceremony

Guts saves Casca

Guts and Casca seeing each other for the first time in two years.

Guts eventually reaches St. Albion the following day, unintentionally coming to the aid of a group of harlots being harassed by arrogant Holy See knights while asking if any them have seen a woman with a brand on her chest. Guts ends up driving off the knights while the harlot den mother Luca, who have looked after Casca since finding her wandering the wilderness, notices the brand on Guts's neck. Luca takes Guts to the tent she left Casca in, only to for it to empty with Luca realizing her apprentice Nina took Casca. After searching the area for Casca before night fall, Guts eventually finds her in a cave used by pagans for their bizarre rituals with the some of the heathens killed by their possessed kin just as a raid by the Holy Iron Chain Knights occurs. Guts manages to save Casca from being ritualistically violated by the cult leader, who has been transformed into a goat-headed monster. Guts entrusts Casca's safety to Isidro as the youth gets her and Nina out of the cave while the swordsman fights the Goat Head, leaving after them once he killed the Apostle-like beast.

Serpico fights Guts

Guts battling the faster and cunning Serpico.

Outside the cave, finding the Isidro's decided route to be perilous ledge on the sheer face of a cliff, Guts finds himself facing Serpico. But Serpico proves himself a more skilled and faster combatant than Guts, preventing the swordsman from unsheathing the Dragonslayer with both his fencing skills and taking advantage of their terrain. When Serpico deduces the swordsman's reasons for being in the city while claiming his group must have captured his friends by now, Guts grabs his opponent's rapier with his remaining hand while smashing it with his prosthetic. But dodging Gut's crossbow bolts and using one of the swordsman's bombs as cover, Serpico escapes with Guts finding Isidro. However, Isidro reveals that Nina and Casca have been taken by Farnese's men to the Tower of Conviction where sinners never return from. Despite his intention to mount an assault on the tower alone, Guts allows Isidro and Luca to accompany him. But as Guts approaches the tower, his brand reacting greatly to it, he remembers the Skull Knight's words of the unavoidable event to soon occur.

Guts prepares to battle Mozgus and his men

Guts facing Mozgus's disciples.

Once at the tower, ignoring Luca's request to let her handle it as she intimately knows the Iron Chain Knight Jerome, Guts wanders the halls until he hides behind a statue as a door opens with grabs a frantic Farnese as she and Serpico ran out from the lower levels. Pulling Farnese to a smaller adjacent hallway, Guts threatens her on where Casca is and she tells him that the woman in a torture chamber in the lower levels while warning him of a monstrosity that has appeared minutes ago. Guts intimidates Farnese to take him to the torture chamber, only to find the skeletal remains of tortured pagans with faint traces of blood. Guts feared the worse when Puck, who witnessed the event, makes himself known and reveals Casca to still be alive and was simply taken by a spiritually-animated blob of blood. While Guts lets Farnese go as he no longer needs her, she decides it would be in her best interest to follow him as he runs up the tower's spiral staircase. Guts eventually reaches the top, finding an unconscious Casca in the arms of a recently transformed Mozgus with the inquisitor intending to burn Casca at the stake to cease this calamity. Realizing he is facing Apostle Spawn, unmasking three of his opponents, Guts soon finds himself battle four of Mozgus's disciples while the inquisitor and his twin apostles take their leave.

Guts witnesses the ceremony begin

The "festival" that the Skull Knight predicted in full swing.

Though Guts manages to defeat his four opponents, he, Farnese, Jerome, Nina, and Serpico were nearly killed by a cave-in of the roof caused by the blood damaging the tower's structure. Emerging unscathed on top of the now hand-like structure, Guts sees the hellish chaos in the slums and the spirit-possessed blood coming for him as he muses that this is no different to the Eclipse. Fighting the blood, Guts sees four familiar figures manifesting themselves: The four senior members of the God Hand. After realizing he cannot harm the incorporeal beings, Guts eventually ignores them and Guts fights his way down the tower while noticing the mortally wounded Egg of the Perfect World climbing up to fulfill his destiny.

Mozgus remarks on the faith of his people

Mozgus asking Guts if he is willing to let the faithful die to save Casca.

Guts manages to reach Casca as Jerome helps Isidro free her, impaling Mozgus when he attempts to recapture her. The force of the attack sends the two flying into the outer wall of St. Albion, a large chunk of it destroyed though Mozgus's bible shielded him from the Dragonslayer. Guts is then in trouble when Mozgus assumes his full apostle-spawn form, though he uses his opponent's attacks to aid the others in dispatching the last of the inquisitor's disciples. With the flame barrier he created to keep the corpses at bay dying out, Mozgus asks Guts if he is willing to sacrifice the hopes and dreams of God's children for Casca's life. But Guts retorts is all the refugees ever do is pray and can't move because they are obsessed with a single woman. As the enraged Mozgus attacks, Guts notices that his attempted impalement left a weakpoint in Mozgus' armored body and uses Rickert's explosion to force the inquisitor to unknowingly open widen the wound so he can land the death blow. Though the dying Mozgus attempted to take Guts to the grave with him, the mercenary flips him over the battlements to his death. Upon impact, Mozgus reverts to human form and continues burning while his feathers slowly float to the ground.

Guts and comapny prepare to hold out

Guts and group warding off the spirits.

With Mozgus dead, and St. Albion in lock down, the refugees unable to flee into the city plea Jerome and Isidro to kill Casca as Guts approaches her to forcibly pull her into a protective hug. But the refugees are consumed as the spirits forced their way into the city. Thing seem hopeless until Serpico notes the dead's aversion to fire, with every able-bodied person armed with a burning wooden plank torch to ward off the spirits until dawn. When Farnese almost resorted to praying while breaking down from the horrors now surrounding them, Guts gives her the courage to fight for her life. But the spirits are then summoned towards the tower, converging around it to form a hand like that from the Eclipse. Having noted the spirits' conflicting desires for salvation and retribution has become a collective wish for a "perfect world," Puck alerts Guts that the behelit is reacting the turn of events. But the burst of pain emanating from their brands cause Guts and Casca to lose consciousness as the final phase of the Incarnation Ritual occurs.

Guts, Casca and Puck prepare for Griffith

Guts taking Casca back to Godo's home.

When Guts comes to by morning, his group reunited with Nina and Luca, they find themselves surrounded by a large number of Kushan scouts lead by Silat, who was sent by his lord to find a particular person as his appearance on this patch of land was foretold by an oracle. Though the fight last night is taking its toll, Guts receives unlikely aid from Azan who also survived the night. But before the fight begins, Nosferatu Zodd appears in his apostle state alongside the Skull Knight who points Guts to a reconstituted Griffith basking naked atop the tower ruins. Finding himself unable to move towards Griffith while the others flee the scene, Guts can only watch Zodd spirit Griffith to safety and does the same with Casca.

Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc


Guts Zodd rematch

Guts fighting Zodd.

Returning to Godo's home, Guts learns from Erica that the blacksmith died after he left for St. Albion. While Erica attempts to convince Guts to live with her and Rickert, his mind still on Griffith, Guts considers it as he can keep Casca from running off again. But Erica tells Guts that someone came to see Rickert and he realizes the visitor is Griffith. Guts finds a fully clothed Griffith on the Hill of Swords with Rickert placing himself between them to avert a fight. Guts attempts to tell Rickert that Griffith is literally no longer the man they know before the latter finally speaks, commenting that Guts reverted to the mad dog he when they met. Guts learns that Griffith came to Godo's home to speak in private while wanting to visit the grave markers of those who died in the Eclipse. When Griffith admit he feels nothing for those he sacrificed for his dream, Guts shoves Rickert aside to cut him down. But he finds himself facing Nosferatu Zodd who proceeds to fight him as Griffith's defender. As the fight progresses, Guts noting that he can keep up with Zodd compared their first battle years ago, it ends on a stalemate when Griffith saved Casca from the damage caused by Zodd destroying the elvish cave. Guts attempts to stop Griffith from escaping on Zodd, but Rickert restrains him.


Guts taking Casca to Elfheim.

Once Griffith is far away, Guts proceeds to reluctantly tell Rickert the truth of their comrades' deaths during the Eclipse. When Rickert insists to come with him, Guts refuses as the boy could not fully bring himself to hate Griffith. With the cave gone, forced to halt his quest for revenge once more, Guts is at a loss of what to do now that Casca has no safe place to live. Asking Puck if he knew any elvish places that provide Casca sanctuary from fell beings, the elf tells Guts that the safest place he knows is within the borders of his homeland Elfhelm. Deciding to take Casca to Elfheim, Guts soon decides to leave Rickert and Erica so they would be victims of a spirit attack. As it begins to snow, remembering his duel with Griffith and that he protected Casca from the debris while he was fighting Zodd, Guts vows to never lose her again.

Guts&#039; party prepares for battle

Guts allowing Farnese, Serpico, and Isidro to accompany him.

But as Guts learns, both his brand and Casca's are causing stronger concentrations of spirits to manifest with Guts being pushed to his limits to keep the dead from possessing and killing Casca. But as Guts's constant contact with Casca brings back memories of their days in the Band of the Hawk, he later has a nightmare of the Beast of Darkness appearing before him in a dream as it attempts to convince Guts to kill her as they can get back to going after Griffith. Though Guts refuses to kill her, he nearly does it while possessed by spirits that give the Beast a foothold in manipulating the human's actions. Though Guts regains control of his body and disperses the spirits inside his body, he alienated a now distrustful Casca as consequence and forcing him to make her resent him more to keep her safe. But the strain of needing to care for Casca is becoming to reach its toll with Guts suffering nightmares where the Beast manages to have him kill Casca. But when Guts encounters Isidro, Farnese, and Serpico, Puck assuming that he made the choice to improve his Casca's protection effectively, he allows the three to accompany him to Elfheim.

Mansion of the Spirit Tree


Guts fearing that he may lose control of his body to the Beast of Darkness again.

Needing a ship to reach Elfheim, Guts and party decide to acquire a ship in the port of the holy city of Vritannis. A shepherd whom they ask for directions tells them the quickest route is through the mountain while warning them that the trail is infested with trolls. After sparing with Isidro, Guts leaves with Serpico on the latter's wish to converse with him in private. Once far from the others, Serpico expresses that he is keeping himself from killing Guts for Farnese's sake before adding that he will show no mercy to the swordsman if any harm comes to her. The two are then altered to screams for help as Farnese and Casca were being taken by a troll, learning that Isidro saved them and they were all saved from more trolls by a witch. As Serpico is hesitant to believe what the others told them, Guts assumed that an Apostle is nearby.

Chapter 201

Guts meeting Flora.

As the group walks deeper into the trail, they come across an injured old man who introduces himself to them as Morgan of Enoch Village and that he is seeking a witch living in the forest. When the group finds the witch's mansion which Morgan saw as a child, the group find themselves attacked by living statues that Puck identifies as a golem. After the group manage to defeat the golems, they see the orchestrator of the attack was the young witch Schierke whom Isidro and the others encounter. Having been told by her mistress to cease the attack, Schierke allows Guts's group to enter the manor and meet her mentor Flora who has been waiting for them. Though wary of Flora at first, he realizes the feeling from her presence is not that of an Apostle. After Morgan tells Flora that trolls have been his village, Flora sadly explains she cannot direct help him due to her age but tells him that she will send Schierke in her place while requesting Guts's group to assist her student. Though Guts refuses, he relents after Flora offers him a talisman that would shield his brand from being sensed by fell beings. With the negotiations complete, Flora asks Schierke to prepare a banquet as their guest will spend the night in their abode.


Guts showing Flora the Behelit.

Following dinner, after she told him and the others what she knows of the Astral World, Guts gets Flora alone and shows her the Behelit he retrieved from the Count. When Flora answers him that a Behelit is a gate to the deepest layer of the Astral World where the God Hand reside, Guts asks her to tell him once to activate it. But Flora explains that a Behelit can only be activated by a higher power who would make sure the item is in the possession of one meant to have it, advising Guts to discard the thing and hold it never returns to him. Guts then asks Flora to tell him all she knows of the God Head, learning that other four were once human like Griffith and all serve under supreme being. Guts decides to take his leave, finding Schierke as she have overheard the conversation. When Schierke asks Guts if he fully intends to defy the God Hand, Guts replies that he will as he leaves for the bathhouse.

When morning comes, Gut's group make preparations for Enoch Village with Schierke drawing a small rune over Guts' Brand of Sacrifice to prevent it from attracting the dead for a few days. Once providing ointments for Serpico, Isidro, and Farnese to enable them some insight into the Astral realm, Schierke provides them all with magical weapons and clothing to give them a fighting chance against the trolls. But when Schierke presents Guts with the Axe of the Gnomes, he refuses the gift as he is too used to the Dragonslayer to give it up so easily. Once the group is ready, Guts learns the group to Enoch Village.

The Evil Horde of Qliphoth


Guts's group arriving in Enoch Village.

Guts and his group arrive to Enoch village as the villagers were burying two of their men who have been killed by the trolls while a young woman was spirited off by the beasts. When Schierke nearly voices out her opinion towards a Holy See priest who chastises the villagers for depending on legends and street performers to fight what he considers God's means to test their faith, Guts interrupts by claiming Casca as a wandering pilgrim so they can spend the night. Later, after receiving a means to communicate with her, Guts finds Schierke inspecting the church as the most likely place the trolls will attack tonight. When Guts asks Schierke what she was about to say, he learns that the church was built on a shrine to resident Astral being while stating her opinions on people seeking salvation yet turn their backs on those who have actually help them like Flora had. Guts would then offend Schierke by stating that she should stay by Flora's side instead of helping the villagers, the two then sensing the trolls making their way to the village at full force.

Chapter 208

Guts fighting the trolls.

While Schierke telepathically alerts their allies to their side while the villagers take refuge, Guts proceeds to battle the advancing trolls with Isidro and Serpico before the latter two head into the church when the trolls infiltrated it. Fortunately, as she planned, Schierke summons the Four Kings of the World to erect a barrier around the church to keep creatures of darkness out. However, the presence of an ogre complicates things as Guts proceeds to fight it with Serpico joining the fray when a kelpie wandered into the battle.


Guts kills an ogre.

When Schierke succeeds in establishing contact to the patron Astral being on the village, Guts manages to kill the ogre while holding out to keep himself from being carried out in the current caused by the Astral being's flood. However, Guts sees Casca and Farnese being carried away by the current and learning from Schierke that the trolls have captured them. Guts and his group leave a wounded Serpico in the village to follow after the trolls, Schierke assuring Guts that Farnese and Casca are safe as the trolls will not be able to harm them as long as they have their silver tunics on. The trail learns them deeper into the forest where they find a large-scale interstice linking their world to a layer of the Astral Realm known as Qliphoth.


Guts overpowered by Slan.

The group eventually find the trolls' cave and quicken their pace when Schierke senses Farnese and Casca are in trouble with Guts saving them from the surrounding trolls. While the others get the surviving village women and their children out of the cave, Guts deals with the legion of trolls amassing in the cave chamber as he proceeds to slaughter most of them. But Guts feels a sensation from his Brand of Sacrifice while finding his behelit's face rearranging itself, finding himself before the God Hand member Slan as she manifesting herself from the guts of the trolls he killed. Slan proceeds to overpower Guts while clawing off his breastplate, leaving a wound on the swordsman's chest while tempting him to use the Behelit to become an Apostle. Luckily, Guts takes advantage of Slan being distracted by the Skull Knight's appearance to break free before running her through with the Dragonslayer. More sexually excited than in agony, Slan kisses Guts goodbye before her avatar body breaks back into troll organs.


Guts realizing he has comrades again.

The reprieve is short lived as the ogres and trolls Slan summoned to fight the Skull Knight begin to mutate and reproduce asexually, forcing the Skull Knight to use his Sword of Actuation and quickly spirits Guts away before they are consumed by portal to the Abyss. Guts emerges from the cave just as Schierke could no longer keep the Rotting Root Lord entity she summoned from exerting its full power to kill everything in the collapsing cave. After the Skull Knight takes his leave, Guts and his allies bring the women and children of Enoch Village back home. While watching the joyful moment everyone is happing, Guts has an epiphany that he has once more has comrades he can depend on.

The Berserker Armor


The wound on Guts' ethereal body doesn't heal.

Along the way back to the Spirit Tree, revealed to have not fully healed due to the ethereal wound inflicted on him by Slan, Guts and his group learn from Schierke that the barrier around Flora's domain has weakened and they find the Spirit Tree had been set aflame. Guts. after sending Isidro and Serpico after a distressed Schierke as she runs into the manor to find Flora, notices Apostles responsible and leaves Casca in Farnese's care as he attempts to kill them. But Guts's wound weakened the full blunt of attacks as the Skull Knight comes to his aid, losing his focus more upon learning that the Apostles serve Griffith as his new Band of the Hawk. The revelation of the Hawks now composed of the monsters that killed the original members got to Guts as he finds himself being overpowered by the Apostle Grunbeld, who is still in human form, while beginning to bleed from the wound dealt to him by Slan.


Guts overpowering Grunbeld in the Berserker armor.

As Flora's golems hold Grunbeld at bay, Guts receives a telepathic message from Schierke to enter the manor to give him the armor that Flora was preparing for him prior to the attack. Though barely conscious, Guts musters the strength to enter the manor and reach the room containing the Berserker Armor. Once putting on the armor, now compelled to fight until death, Guts easily dispatched the weaker Apostles before reaching Grunbeld and overpowered Grunbeld after he assumed his Apostle form.


Schierke finding Guts' ego inside the Berserker Armor.

As Guts continues killing the other Apostles, now under the full thrall of his inner darkness, Schierke proceeds to astral project herself into Guts' mind to bring him back from the Berserker Armor's influence. Schierke was horrified by the images of the Eclipse before finding the embodiment of Gut's ego protected by the magic circle that Flora etched onto the armor. But despite being protect from being completely erased, Gut expresses futility of ever being happy before Schierke shows him Isidro and Serpico fending her body from attacking Apostles and then Farnese and Casca, the latter claiming Guts as he begins to subvert his darkness. Guts then gets Serpico, Isidro, and Schierke back to Farnese and Casca, revealing part of his hair whitened from overusing the Berserker Armor. The group proceed to escape after Flora uses the last her power to create a wall of flame separating them from the pursuing Grunbeld.

Fantasia Arc


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