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Ted (Husband)
Horace (Brother)

Appearance Edit

Hannah was a pretty woman with blonde hair in her early twenties.

Personality Edit

Hannah was kind and best friends with her brother Horace and her husband Ted, both of whom are killed in front of her.

Story Edit

Past Edit

Growing up, Hannah, her brother and Ted had been the best of friends, and three days prior to their death she had married Ted.

Millennium Falcon Arc Edit

Hannah comes across a Troll as it tears into her husband's stomach and begins to eat him. She throws a stone, getting its attention before trying to kill it with a pitchfork. Unfortunately, the troll grabs it and pushes her down before ripping off her clothing and trying to rape her. Horace, however picks up the pitchfork and stabs it in the nose causing it to flee to the barn. Intending to finish it off, Horace follows it inside, only to be ambushed and torn to pieces by more trolls. Afterwards, Hannah is kidnapped and taken back to the troll's lair in Qliphoth.

Later as Guts' New Party searches the nightmare forest, Casca and Farnese stumble upon the trolls. Hannah, who had apparently been brutally raped and tortured, crawls up to the two girls and begs for help, but she begins to convulse and a newly born troll rips its way out from inside her stomach, killing her.

Notes Edit

Appendices Edit

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