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Holy Iron Chain Knights



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The Holy Iron Chain Knights is the elite military order of the Holy See.

In fact, their fame is nothing but undeserved propaganda: while the Holy See may employ better soldiers, or even mercenaries to do the serious fighting, the Holy Chain Iron Knights are primarily ceremonial, used to cover very small and risk-free operations, such as investigating miracles or other supernatural occurrences and escorting high-ranking clergy.

Thus, the order is mainly formed by spoiled young men from noble families, hoping to avoid any serious confrontation, and having a fast, but uneventful, career in the military. The only notable exception is Azan, a former legendary Knight turned Cleric and Serpico, Farnese's half-brother who is a skilled swordsman and tactician.

By tradition, the leader of the Holy Iron Chain Knights is a woman, often coming from a family known for rich contributions to the Holy See. She's meant to be little more than an ornament, leaving most of the practical concerns of command to her subordinates.

However, during Farnese's leadership and for the first time, she tries to enact a more active role, even if backed up by the more experienced Azan, and the spoiled, decorative order is forced to face a serious adversary in the Black Swordsman first, and the Pseudo-Apostles at the Tower of Conviction next.

The last incarnation of the Holy Iron Chain Knights came to its end during the Incarnation Ceremony at the Tower of Rebirth, in which most of its forces were killed during the ceremony. The only surviving knights were Farnese, Serpico, Jerome and Azan. Farnese and Serpico refused to go back to the Holy See to report, leaving Azan with the responsibility.

As Farnese and Serpico now travel with Guts, under the Vandimion forgiveness, and with Azan seen traveling by seas, the fate of the Holy Iron Chain Knights as an order is uncertain at best.

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