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Holy See



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The Holy See is a major religious order in the world of Berserk. Similar to the Roman Catholic Church in structure, their insignia represents a hawk-like bird in flight, with two orbs forming a helix around it.

Story Edit

Established centuries ago, the Holy See gradually made itself a world power. Much of the Holy See's doctrine is based on a strict code of conduct which instructs to purge oneself from sin in preparation for the coming of God. However, beneath the surface, in league with the nobility, the Holy See monopolizes the wealth of the world while removing potential threats to it, which include the worship of benign Astral Beings and the practice of magic. The Holy See also wrote scripture, one such document foretelling the coming of an angel known as the Falcon of Darkness, which would come after five eclipses and plunge the world into a dark age.

Two years after the fifth eclipse, many people across Midland receive dreams of the coming of a Falcon of Light who would save them all from the Kushan invasion. The Holy See's Pontiff received a similar dream of the "White Falcon", prolonging his life during the Kushan army's attack on Vritannis. At the guidance of Mule Wolflame and Sonia as Griffith's ambassadors, the Pontiff would meet Griffith and proclaim him to be the people's promised messiah and ruler of Midland by divine right. After the Blast of the Astral World, Sonia seems to have taken the role of a high member of the order (hailed as "The Falcon's Seeress").

Faith Edit

The basis of this church is to instill faith and hope, much like the Catholic Church during the Dark Ages. The Holy See also consider the "Falcon of Light", Griffith, as their messiah. Despite the Holy See denouncing the existence of other Astral beings, they do recognize the Four Kings of the World to be guardian angels.

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Notes Edit

  • It is believed that the god that the Holy See worship may be the Idea of Evil, with the God Hand regarded as angels and Griffith as both the messiah and angel of death.