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Humans, for the most part, are the main inhabitants of the Physical Plane. Having pioneered past evolution from mere apes, they have built upon the planet civilizations that span across the world and ultimately are always at war with one another for dominance. That being said, humans are a generally selfish race that will go to any length for more power even becoming a post-human race whose members are known as Apostle, which are basically demon evolutions of the previous human that they once were.


Humans are a varied race as they can have just about any shape, height or size.


As a very diverse race, there are so many different personalities that make each and every character unique in some way. Though there are a few prominent types of personalities based purely on the 7 Sins and 7 Virtues.


Human are diverse and differing in their skills, most are humans realistically depicted relying on strengh of numbers and resources to conquer lands and oppress villagers. However humans that do train and hone their skills to point were they can pull off nigh-impossible feats.

Humans such as Azan, Guts, Serpico, Casca, Silat, Pippin, Judeau and formerly Griffith, have pushed back their limits and are capable of killing other humans with ease. Royals and nobles often seek out such people to be soldiers for their armies. Much of the Band of Hawk's fame, for instance, came from their prowess on the battlefield besides their tactical wit.

Guts is the main example of human of fortitude, surviving situations that would kill any lesser person, as a way of defying Causality. Strong humans are sought after by the Apostles, especially Zodd and Grunbeld who consider strong humans a delightful rarity.


Humans in the Berserk Universe are placed within the Hundred Year war, and its post-war era, culminating in the rise of Falconia and the merging of worlds, including but not limited to, the Interstice, Nexus and Qliphoth. Its also possible the Vortex and Abyss that the Elemental Lords and the God Hand reside in, respectively, also merged. Lands are ruled by dukes, counts, barons and kings with no police structure. Guards, sellswords and heldge knights are instead used as the main enforcers of the law. Laws are created by the ruler of each town or landscape, with some sharing the same principles as others. Much of the lower class are reverted to peasants and work just to get by, while the rich nobles are mere aristocrats that enjoy the fanciest clothes and fully prepared meals.

Apart from the civilization, there is always fighting going on somewhere. Mercenaries, or men for hire, are a common sight. It is not uncommon to instead see armies of mercs fighting one another rather than knights in an army, as they are considered expendable at any given point and work just for the money. Bandits or criminals are also a part of the daily life as they are the crudest individuals that rape women, kill children and steal whatever they can for a profit.

Humans however reached their prime only in the Golden Era Arc as much of the remainder of Berserk focuses on the Apostles eating or murdering humans. During the Golden Age arc, the Hundred Year War was fought and many lives were lost the main threat to the protagonists at the time belonged to the Chuder Empire, whom sent famous knights after knight to face down the Band of the Hawk but all promptly were eliminated, even the infamous general Boscogn of the Purple Rhino Knights. Apostles were a rare sight during this time, seen only in the case of Zodd and later Wyald before the Eclipse.

Following the events of the Eclipse and during Black Swordsman Arc, humans are seen as mere cattle under the rule of Apostles. Many guardsmen are still displayed as arrogant, almost to the degree that they could be confused with criminals and many of the townspeople fear the Apostle that rules over them.


Guts Post-Eclipse Manga
Guts, one of the most notable humans throughout the series.
Griffith Post-Eclipse Manga
Griffith, one of the most notable humans throughout the series.


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