100 year war

The One Hundred Year War

The One Hundred Year is a pivotal event in the Golden Age Arc.

Background Edit

For the past century, the continent has been engulfed in a series of heated campaigns between the Kingdom of Midland and the Empire of Chuder when the latter annexed Midland's Doldrey province and fortress as a foothold for conquest. The conflict waged for decades before the Band of the Falcon participated in it as mercenaries for hire before being given a place in Midland's army.

When word reaches Midland that Chuder is on the verge of civil war over succession, knowing Chuder cannot fight both them and its power vacuum, Griffith offers his own group to personally reclaim Doldrey in a pivotal battle where his men outwitted the larger army at the command of Lord Boscogn and his Purple Rhino Knights. This act ended the One Hundred Years War in a signed armistice treaty and a fleeting glimpse of peace for the continent before the Kushan invasion a few years later.

Key Events Edit

  • The Siege of Bazuso Castle: Site of Bazuso's death at the hands of Guts.
  • The Battle of Doldrey: Final battle.

Appendices Edit

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