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Idea of Evil
Also known as

Supreme Being
God of the Abyss
The Great God
The Desired God
The Ungodly God Born from Man


Chapter 83
God of the Abyss (2)








God Hand



Reasons for pain. Reasons for sadness. Reasons for life. Reasons for death. Reasons why their lives were filled with suffering. Reasons why their deaths were absurd. They wanted reasons for the destiny that kept transcending their knowledge. And I produce those, as it is what I have been brought into existence for. I control fate.

—The Idea of Evil explaining its creation

The Idea of Evil is a heart-like eldritch entity that appears in Chapter 83, the so-called "Lost Chapter" of the Berserk manga.

It is a key plot-device in the God Hand's actions, though its intentions are a mystery.


The Idea of Evil's true form is unknown, however when it appears before Griffith, it appears as an enormous heart covered in many open eyes; its valves exuding a gaseous substance, with two valves extending from beneath it in the shape of a double helix. It explains that this "heart" is simply its core, with the Idea's full presence being an infinite cyclone of arcane human consciousness.


Being presumably the most powerful entity in the Berserk series, the Idea of Evil has godlike power.

Causality Control: The Idea of Evil has complete control over destiny and causality, as it explains during its conversion with Griffith. It can foresee and manipulate a person's destiny from birth, crafting them into whatever fate lies in store for it.

Concept Manipulation: The Idea of Evil, although never seen to its full extent, can manipulate all existent concepts and create new ones. It can warp a universal idea or create one out of nothing, just as it was born from the concept of humanity's suffering. It is seen granting Griffith's wish for "wings" instantly, transforming him into a member of the God Hand before returning Griffith to his original plane of existence.



Calling itself the world's "ideal god" and ego, the Idea of Evil was born from humanity's collective unconscious need for something to blame its suffering and hardships on. The entity resides in the deepest part of the Abyss that is potent enough to remove all other individualities of those who end up there, the Idea weaved a web of causality for the world that is acted through the God Hand.

Golden Age Arc


The Idea of Evil urges Griffith to follow his destiny

When Griffith appeared before the Idea during his Eclipse, the Idea explains its nature to him along with the revelation that it oversaw the lives of both him and his ancestors to ensure that he was born and arrived to this moment. The Idea concluded by telling Griffith that he is to play a major role in the outcome of humanity's ultimate fate.


  • While it does not directly appear in the movies, hints of the Idea's influence are seen through Griffith experiencing countless visions of the distant past and understanding human nature at its core.
  • While the chapter that introduced the Idea of Evil is not reprinted in any collection on Miura's request as he felt it gave away too much of the world of Berserk and could limit the freedom of the story development, it is indirectly mentioned in later chapters that explain the nature of the God Hand.
  • The Idea of Evil was probably inspired by philosophical Theory of Ideas by Plato, which the Idea of Good is the most important. Thereby, the Idea of Evil would be interpreted as a corruption of the Platonic ideas.

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