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Idea of Evil
Biographical Information
Japanese Name
Rōmaji Name
Physical Description
Gender None
Hair Color
Eye Color
Status Alive
Occupation God
Affiliation Apostle, God Hand
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 83

The Idea of Evil appears in Chapter 83, the so-called Lost Chapter of the Berserk manga. This chapter was never reprinted in any collection by Miura's request; he stated that he felt it gave away too much of the plot too quickly. As such, the chapter's status in Berserk canon is apocryphal at best. The Idea of Evil also appears briefly in the last panel of Chapter 82, "God of the Abyss", heavily hidden in shadow, addressed only in question by Griffith as "God...?"


The Idea is a large mound of flesh which resides in humanity's collective unconscious. It responds to humanity's need for a reason for suffering, manipulating human affairs and controlling humanity's destiny. It is a common consciousness that transcends individuality, acting as the ego of the world. It refers to itself as "the ideal God of this world". The Idea's structure appears to be that of a heart covered in eyes, drawing thoughts and feelings in and out like blood. This is supported by the fact that the openings on the Idea resemble heart valves.

The Idea of Evil lies deep in the Abyss, weaving its web of causality to float up to the surface of the Physical world. The Idea's influence is mostly indirect and accomplished through the use of agents such as the God Hand and the Apostle. While appointing Griffith as the fifth God Hand, it admitted manipulating events surrounding Griffith's ancestry and throughout his life to bring him to that point.

The Lost ChapterEdit

The Idea of Evil explained to Griffith that it was born from humanity's need for a higher power and that the sea of causality swirling them is both part of it and under its control. The Idea of Evil also revealed it was filled with the emotions of mankind.

When Griffith finally believes the God, it stated that it was responsible for everything that ever has been, is, or will be. The Idea of Evil also tells Griffith that his induction into the God Hand was decided long ago and that it was purposely combined the blood that would form his lineage and determined the times he would be born into.

It concluded by saying Griffith is the "Chosen One" and that he may have control over causality and the emotions of humans and gives Griffith the authority that he may do whatever he wants with humans: destroy or liberate them.


  • The Idea of Evil claims that it was created from the negative emotions in human hearts rather than being a natural part of the world or a deity that has existed before the world's beginning. The being is essentially a God formed by the evils of humanity.
  • As an extension of the above, it may be that since the Idea only exists because of the aforementioned emotions, it may be possible to purge it from the Berserk world if humanity casts aside such emotions.

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