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Japanese Name: 夢魔
Romanized Name: Inkyubasu
English Name: Incubus
Manga Debut: The Brand
Anime Debut: Episode 1 (2016 Anime)

An Incubus is a small, tentacled demon born from the mixture of blood and sexual fluids from a person who had died of a violent death. The Incubi come out at night and leech the life from their prey while inducing nightmares.


The Incubus resemble purple and grotesque octopuses, having slimy tentacles. They have one eye with a red pupil that is placed in the center of their oddly shaped cranium. They are shown to bleed dark green blood as shown when Guts stabs one.


They are able to drain the life of the sleeping person, subjected their victim to nightmares.


Guts encountered Incubi many times since they are attracted to his and Casca's brands during their sleep. They are easily killed and are usually found in groups during Guts' travels.



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