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English Name: Interstice
Manga Debut: Episode 73
Anime Debut: (1997 Anime)
Episode 23
Eve of the Feast
Golden Age Arc III

The Interstice (狭間 Hazama?) is a layer of existence between the physical world and the Astral Plane.


The Interstice is a blended space between the physical realm and the Astral Plane from which creatures spawned from the subconscious will of humans and deceased spirits reside. Compared to normal humans who would have a firm hold on their plane of existence, certain humans that use magic (like witches and wizards) or those branded with a Brand of Sacrifice (like Guts and Casca) have a footing in the Interstice and can interact with the beings residing there. The Skull Knight also possesses the ability to exist between the two realms.

Such examples of Interstices would include the realm where the Eclipse occurred, the Mansion of the Spirit Tree, and a forest cave that Slan had the nightmarish Astral realm of Qliphoth leak through. The events of the World Transformation caused a global Interstice to occur, which made the creatures of the Astral Plane visible to human eyes.

Known Interstices

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