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Ivalera Manga

Ivalera AV






Episode 194
War Cry of the Wind (2)


2016 Anime
Episode 1
The Branded Swordsman

Japanese voice

Yukari Tamura (PS2 Game)




17 cm (0'7") [1]


18 g (0.04 lbs) [1]

Hair color


Eye color



Elf of the Pisky Race




Guts' Travelling Party

Ivalera (イバレラ Ibarera), is an elf of the Pisky race, descendant of the ancient Spirits of the Wind. She is a member of Guts' Travelling Party and a lifelong friend to Schierke.


As an elf, Ivalera is small and has two wings on her back. She is about the same size as Puck, but instead of having a green aura, she has a more feminine-looking pink aura. The Piskies secrete a healing powder from their wings that is able to heal almost every wound in a shorter time than usual. That said, particularly deep wounds may require continued appliance of those curative powers for a longer period than for less severe injuries.


Ivalera, as other Piskies (and possibly every other Elf in the Berserk world) is an empath, able to feel the emotions of others. In time, Ivalera learned how to "finetune" this ability with the feelings of Schierke, acting in a protective, almost motherly way to protect her from distress, and counseling the other members of the party on what to do when Schierke, overexerting herself, falls in a state of trance too deep to awaken alone. Outwardly more serious and reliable than Puck, Ivalera often share with him moments of bickering and fighting, enhancing their value of the "comic relief" characters.

Ivalera's relationships with the rest of the party members apparently mirror the ones Puck had already created with his teammates. Essentially, Ivalera acts as Schierke's best friend and the voice of her "inner-thoughts". Ivalera's initial mistrust towards Guts was a way to protect her companion, much like how Puck's over-eagerness was a way to protect Guts from his inner demons. As Puck has a bossy, but warm relationship with Isidro, trying to mold him as young adult and warrior in his own, silly way, Ivalera has a similar relationship with Farnese; upon discovering her desire to learn magic from Schierke, Ivalera started to frequently tease the noblewoman, playfully likening her status to that of an "apprentice" and "servant maid", when it came to her duties with Casca.

As Isidro and Puck find it really difficult understanding the serious demeanor of Schierke and Ivalera, Ivalera finds herself greatly disturbed by Isidro's attitude, sharing with Schierke their common impression of the young boy as an "incompetent monkey". Albeit she's of the same race of Puck, she tries her best to be better than the average Pisky, seeing herself as more serious, reliable and well-educated than the light-hearted, fun loving members of her race. In turn, she often gets into bickering's with Puck. However, in such an occasion, she seems to revert to the nonsensical attitude of a regular Pisky, even gaining a super-deformed alter ego, just like the one Miura uses to highlight Puck moments of silliness.


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Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc

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Fantasia Arc

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  • A running gag is that whenever Ivalera says something that embarrasses Schierke (usually about her crush on Guts) Schierke stuffs Ivalera in her hat to make her be quiet. 


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