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Joachim AV


Chapter 149


(2016 Anime)
Episode 6
Night Banquet of
Burning at the Stake

Japanese voice

Kosuke Onishi



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Luca's Prostitutes



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Joachim is a refugee in the city of Albion, having become smitten with the prostitute Nina upon seeing her for the first time.

Appearance Edit

Joachim is a young man with ginger hair and dark, grey blue eyes. He dresses in a light-blue coat with a white scarf, orange shirt, brown pants and stocking socks. Sometimes he wears a tattered bucket hat, usually at night.

Personality Edit

Joachim is very skittish and shy, reacting as nervous and timid around Nina. He is shown to have some form of bravery however, when he followed Nina and participated briefly in the Great Goat's orgy. After his attempted murder at the hands of the Great Goat's cultists, Joachim is shown as more mature and even goes back to the cultist's lair to guide the Holy Iron Chain Knights.

Story Edit

Conviction Arc Edit

Joachim being seduced

Joachim being inducted into the pagan cult.

A refugee in the city of Albion, Joachim develops an infatuation with the apprentice harlot Nina. She convinces him to accompany her to a midnight ritual by a pagan cult in a cave near the city. Though disturbed by the drug-induced orgy, Joachim seems willing to convert as he lowered himself to the requests of the cult's leader. But when he is about to eat their soup as his final test, Joachim finds the meat to be human remains and runs in terror upon realizing they are cannibals. The pagans, including a betrayed Nina, chase him off a cliff in an attempt to kill him so he would not reveal their whereabouts.

But Joachim survived and later guides the Holy Iron Chain Knights to the pagans' cave. Joachim later survives the Incarnation Ceremony, appearing before Nina to apologize to Nina for running out on her. Nina accepts the apology and they were last seen traveling together as lovers.

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