Japanese Name: ケルピー
English Name: Kelpie
Manga Debut: Chapter 211

The kelpie is a legendary sea monster rumored to drown travelers.


The kelpie is best described as a combination of a horse and a frog, with a long prehensile tongue. Its skin is scaly and slimy and its feet are webbed frog's feet, and its face has a bellow. Its expression is nondistinct and unfocused, despite it apparently being a focused killer.


The kelpie has mid-level water elemental abilities and can propel missiles or even drown an opponent by forcing water over their mouth. In the rain, a kelpie is especially dangerous.[1] At one point, it forced its opponent, Serpico, back with beams of water and threw a shield made of water up, to deter his wind-propelled attacks.


This creature is first seen during the troll attack on Enoch village church, coming out of the river. Serpico engages the beast with his enchanted wind elemental sword. Serpico manages to slash its tongue off but is unable to deal a finishing blow until he decapitates it when the kelpie is caught up in Schierke's controlled flooding of the town.


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  • Kelpies are shapeshifting water spirits in Scottish folklore, typically taking the form of a horse and reputed to delight in the drowning of travelers.
  • In Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, is possible to defeat the Kelpie before Schierke floods the town when playing the story chapter.


  1. Berserk manga; Chapter 211

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