Markt-King of Earth







Humans, Four Kings of the World


Member of the Four Kings of the World
Governor of the Earth
Lord of the North


Gedula (Lord of the South)
Ve (Lord of the West)
Ate (Lord of the East)

Markt is a member of the Four Kings of the World.

Appearance Edit

Markt appears as a monolithic spiritual being surrounded by his element and a halo-like construct encircling his head. He has a blank faced appearance with a large bulky appearance.

Personality Edit

No intrinsic personality is shown for the entity, but he was shown to be willing to assist humans when asked to do so, showing a benevolent aspect to his identity.

Abilities Edit

Markt was described as the Lord and Elemental King of the Earth and Land elements, meaning he possesses a godly level of control over earth-based material. Together with the other members of the Four Kings of the World, he can cast a protection field to ward off and destroy malevolent spectral beings such as trolls and ogres.

Story Edit

Millennium Falcon Arc Edit

During the assault on Enoch Village, Schierke beseeched him along with the other elemental kings to protect the church in Enoch from the astral creatures attacking the village.

Notes Edit

  • Like the other Four Elemental Kings, Markt has a special chant that must be made to call his presence as stated by Schierke: "Oh Blessed Lord of the North, rejoice be over all thy sovereign, over all living beings on Earth".

Appendices Edit

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