Meimoku no Kanata

2016 ED Special

2016 ED Normal

Japanese Title: 瞑目の彼方
Romanized Title: Meimoku no Kanata
English Title: Beyond Closed Eyes
Artist(s): Nagi Yanagi
Released: August 31, 2016
Length: 1:30 (TV)
4:40 (Full)
Label: NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan

"Meimoku no Kanata" (瞑目の彼方 Meimoku no Kanata?, lit. "Beyond Closed Eyes") is the ending theme for Berserk (2016 Anime) and is performed by Nagi Yanagi. The single was released on August 31st 2016.

Description Edit


Single Tracklist Edit

Disc 1 Edit

  1. Meimoku no Kanata - Single
  2. Meimoku no Kanata[English Ver.]
  3. Kimimikuri
  4. Meimoku no Kanata[Instrumental]
  5. Kimimikuri [Instrumental]

Disc 2 (Special Edition) Edit

  1. 「Meimoku no Kanata」Music Video

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Lyrics Edit

Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
傷の痛みは触れようと Kizu no itami wa fureyou to When I try to touch the pain from those scars,
夜明けに薄れ 目を覚ます Yoake ni usure me o samasu They grow dim with daybreak, and I awaken.
壊れ続けた夢を吐き Kowaretsudzuketa yume o haki Coughing up a continuously broken dream,
現実を呑んで Genjitsu o nonde I drink in reality.
Burning Hellion そのマナを Burning Hellion sono mana o Burning Hellion... that mana,
知ることの出来ない悲しみ Shiru koto no dekinai kanashimi Accompanies a sorrow I can never understand...
救いを 狂いを Sukui o kurui o Blending salvation- and insanity-
光に溶かして Hikari ni tokashite Into the light,
静かに 長閑に Shizuka ni nodoka ni I wish for a silent- calm-
終幕の眠りを Shuumaku no nemuri o Conclusion of eternal rest...
再び誰かが求める朝まで Futatabi dareka ga motomeru asa made ... until the morning someone seeks me again.

Notes Edit

  • This is the first ending theme in the entire Berserk series to have a Japanese title and be performed in Japanese.

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