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Midland Kingdom
Midland Flag
Japanese Name: ミッドランド王国
Romanized Name: Middorando ōkoku
English Name: Midland
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Midland Kingdom (ミッドランド王国 Middorando ōkoku?) is a monarchy under the influence of the Papacy and the setting for much of Golden Age Arc of Berserk. As its name implies, Midland is geographically central to the continent, having been established by Emperor Gaiseric, 1000 years ago. After the One Hundred Year War with Chuder, Midland enjoyed a brief hegemony among its rival nations. But since the Kushan invasion and the death of its King, Midland has begun to fade away before Griffith takes command via Charlotte and then the World Transformation taking effect.


Midland was originally selected as the site of the capitol of Emperor Gaiseric's continent-spanning empire. The royal family of Midland are said to be the only living descendants of Gaiseric, although their descent is indirect, via peripheral bloodlines.

List of Midland Armies

List of Locations


  • Midland is strongly inspired by medieval France.

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