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Midland Flag
English Name: Midland
First Appearance: Chapter 7

Midland is a monarchy under the influence of the Papacy and the setting for much of Golden Age Saga of Berserk. As its name implies, Midland is geographically central to the continent, having been established by Emperor Gaiseric, 1000 years ago. After the One Hundred Year War with Chuder, Midland enjoyed a brief hegemony among its rival nations. But since the Kushan invasion and the death of its King, Midland has begun to fade away.

Midland was originally selected as the site of the capitol of Emperor Gaiseric's continent-spanning empire. The royal family of Midland are said to be the only living descendants of Gaiseric, although their descent is indirect, via peripheral bloodlines.

Midland is believed to be the Berserk fantasy version of medieval Denmark (due the same visual cues used in reasoning Tudor-France), with its connection to Tudor (France, supported by not only the design of its armor, but the names and titles of its troops, nobles as well other characters from Tudor) and the 100 years war between the two, and its invasion by the Kushans, a real race that occupies a region in India (i.e. the Hindu-Kush mountain region). Other countries in the Berserk universe can also be linked to real-world counterparts, but this is more difficult because Guts spends the majority of Berserk within and around Midland. The countries outside of Midland's borders in which Guts may pass through are not accurately named. There is a passage that Serpico has detailing the different nations around Midland and under the Papal rule, but it is ambiguous as to where these countries are and their involvement with Midland other than the Eastern European countries mentioned, being the only ones mentioned in relation to Midland.


  • Kentaro Miura stated in a private interview that Midland is indeed Denmark, and upon learning this it can be supported with evidence from the material, such as the viewpoint from space when Ganishka's light wave enveloped the globe, in which England can be seen to the left of the frame, as well as the tip of Spain, with the light's central point clearly being Denmark, Norway and Sweden visible above it. As support for the real-world locations being accurately portrayed, Africa and Madagascar are also seen when the light expands further, seen from the Moon. Other simpler evidence is the name Midland itself, which is definitely a sound description of Denmarks geographical location, as well as the time period being fitting of Denmarks monarchal power after taking the reigns of neighboring Norway and Sweden at the tail-end of the Viking age, leading into the Medieval age. An interesting side-note for those perceptive enough to catch the many homages to Shakespeare within Berserk, is the tragedy of Hamlet involves a bleak, hopeless, violent, yet occasionally humorous power struggle amongst Danish royalty, which would also be a fitting way to describe Berserk.
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