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"The Midland Royal Family crest. A castle bearing a crown seated in the midst of heavens."

The Midland Kingdom is a monarchy under the influence of the Holy See and the setting for much of Golden Age Arc of Berserk. As its name implies, Midland is geographically central to the continent on which the series predominantly takes place. After its Hundred Year War with Chuder, Midland enjoys a brief hegemony among its rival nations. Following the invasion of the Kushan and death of its king, however, Midland begins diminishing in prominence, until Griffith creates Falconia atop the ruins of Windham as the world's only safe haven in wake of the World Transformation.



Gaiseric and his army

Supreme King Gaiseric, through sheer force, brought order to the war-torn lands which would come to comprise the Midland Kingdom.

Approximately a millennium ago, in lands that would come to comprise the Kingdom of Midland, small city-states and tribes were in constant conflict with one another – a time referred to as the "age of warlords". As a consequence of incessant warfare, famine and plague, a third of the collective population died. Order would finally be instituted following the entrance of Supreme King Gaiseric, whose prior accounts continue to elude history. Gaiseric was able to raise an army, and through sheer force, subjugate the numerous nations under what would become the world's first empire.[1]

It is said that Gaiseric – referred to as the "Skull King" due to the skull helmet he donned in battle – forced laborers gathered from throughout his empire to construct a large capital city, aptly named "Midland" as a "land in the middle of nations". The Skull King lived a life of luxury while continuing to demand increasingly inordinate taxes of his people, with the capital city in time becoming a hotbed of decadence. "God" would become discontent with the Skull King's actions and send several angels down, with the city, by way of supposed natural calamity, disappearing from the world in a single night.[1]

After Gaiseric's fall from grace and the destruction of his imperial capital, his empire eventually was splintered into the various nations which now exist. Gaiseric had no known children, and as such, no direct successor, though it is believed that the Midland Royal Family is the only family in the world carrying the Skull King's blood. The Tower of Rebirth is said to have been erected as a means of hiding Midland's shameful past under the Skull King's rule.[1]

Hundred Year WarEdit

Griffith's charisma

Griffith, with his Band of the Hawk, is able to recapture the impregnable fortress of Doldrey and end the Hundred Year War, having never lost to his Chuder opponents.

For a century's time, Midland finds itself at war with the nation of Chuder, following Chuder's invasion of Midland territory. Midland's border fortress, Doldrey, is seized by Chuder and in turn used as a crucial base of operations in the invading nation's war effort against the kingdom. However, when Chuder begins collapsing from within due to contention regarding claims to the throne, Midland uses the opportunity to strike and reacquire their seized fortress.[2] Rather than commission Midland's Regular Army, the King of Midland instead enlists Griffith's Band of the Hawk, which succeeds in reclaiming Doldrey – a feat thought to be impossible even by Midland's esteemed White Tiger Knights – thus bringing an end to the Hundred Year War.[3]

For their efforts in the Hundred Year War, the king formally ennobles the Band of the Hawk as Midland's White Phoenix Knights.[4] In a power play following his promotion, Griffith enacts a scheme which successfully disposes of most of his political opponents in Windham, including the Queen of Midland.[5] Griffith's eventual seduction of and fornication with Princess Charlotte incenses the king, resulting in the revocation of the White Phoenix Knights' nobility, Griffith's year-long torture and imprisonment in the Tower of Rebirth, and the Band of the Hawk being exiled as enemies of the state. A year later, Griffith is rescued by a small party of remnant Hawks, spurring the king to give chase to the White Hawk for several years to come.

Holy WarEdit

Griffith ennobled again

For his invaluable role in the war effort against the Kushan, Griffith is bestowed the title of Midland's Supreme Commander as Princess Charlotte's betrothed.

Following the Hundred Year War, Midland enjoys a two year peace; however, plague and natural calamity befalls the kingdom thereafter. The dying, decrepit king continues to dedicate Midland's resources to finding Griffith, rather than mending the damages of the Hundred Year War, all while people throughout the kingdom fall victim to disease and famine.[6] With the king's eventual demise, the Kushan Empire uses the opportunity to strike Midland in its moment of internal collapse, invading the nation and seizing Windham.[7] Griffith, with his reborn Band of the Hawk, resurfaces and begins liberating holds throughout the kingdom, in the process rescuing Princess Charlotte from the captivity of Emperor Ganishka.[8] The Band of the Hawk, under the authority of the Midland Royal Family, later intervenes during the invasion of Vritannis, saving the city and Holy See Alliance from complete annihilation at the hands of the Kushan. It is at this point Griffith is officially recognized by Princess Charlotte as her betrothed and Supreme Commander of Midland's Regular Army,[9] and by His Holiness the pontiff the messianic Hawk of Light.

In a final push against the Kushan, Midland's Supreme Commander and his Band of the Hawk venture towards Windham to liberate the royal capital. Enraged by his defeat in Vritannis, Emperor Ganishka descends into the Man-Made Behelit and transforms into a gigantic demon god, toppling both Windham and Kushan soldiers beneath his colossal feet. As the Band of the Hawk battles the emperor's familiars on ground, Griffith ascends to Ganishka's head, thereupon converting the emperor's Shiva form into the World Spiral Tree and merging the physical and astral worlds.[10]


Main article: Falconia
Refugees entering Falconia

Refugees from across Midland and beyond flock to Falconia following the World Transformation.

Following the World Transformation and influx of astral beings into the world of man, Griffith miraculously raises a new capital atop the ruins of Windham: Falconia, the sole safe haven in the world from malevolent creatures now pervading the lands. Falconia proves to be a seeming boon for humanity, large enough in scope to take in innumerable refugees and affording its denizens peace and prosperity.[11]

Notable LocationsEdit



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