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Mist Valley

Mist Valley.


A dense forest, filled with beautiful grottos had legends surrounding it of being filled with elves.


A small town bordering the mysterious valley was once the home of the girl who became the Apostle Rosine. Populating the Misty Valley with Apostle Spawns, Rosine made the Misty Valley's legend come true, (in her own demonic way) creating a haven for children, away from the persecution and dogma of the adult world. Her fabricated haven was burned to the ground by Guts in his hunt for Apostles.


  • Puck says to Rosine while she is dying that elves really did live in the Misty Valley at one point. Skellig, the true home of the elves, shares a feature with Valley in the story of Peekaf that may support this, being that both locations have a different, much slower flow of time.
  • The Misty Valley as told in the legend of Peekaf and as recreated by Rosine seems to bear some inspiration from the Lost Woods and other locations in the Legend of Zelda series, being a hidden-away locale full of elves and faires where time flows differently. In both settings, children who go missing may find themselves turned into fairies, while outsiders and adults may be turned into monsters.

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