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Toma (Brother)

Nico is a young commoner boy and the younger brother of Toma.

Appearance Edit

Nico is a small, young commoner boy. He has scruffy light hair that falls to the sides of his face and partially covers his forehead. His robes are a little tatty and reach below his knees. In addition, he wears a large, seemingly ill fitting bell cap. Just like his brother, Nico wears a small satchel, though it is wrapped around his waist and not his shoulder like the former's. His boots are pointy and reach up to his calves.

Personality Edit

Typical of a young boy, Nico is very curious and wanders off to explore. He has a fascination with fairies, much to the frustration of his brother, and isn't afraid in the slightest when a flying monster swoops over him and his brother's friends. In fact, Nico appears to be excited and eager to approach the monster, a testament to his childish curiosity and naive bravery.[1]

Story Edit

Millennium Falcon Arc Edit

Nico, alongside his older brother and three friends, wander around in a forest as a group. When he tries to continue ahead without the others, Toma expresses frustration that should the young boy go missing, he will be the one punished. Toma reminds his brother of the dangers of the forest; he might be eaten by wolves, and if not that, attacked by the Kushan. However, the younger boy takes no heed of this and instead points to the distance, claiming to have seen fairies in that direction. Irritated, Toma admonishes his brother by hitting him over the head; Nico is clearly a 'runt' that his brother did not want to tag along. Diffusing the situation, one of the other boys calls attention to the odd feeling inside the forest. The boy is unable to articulate the sensation exactly, but claims that he felt that way when he was younger, too.


The boys witness Zodd fly over the forest.

Eventually, the boy settles on the description that the forest feels like one in a dream. Suddenly, Toma becomes unnerved when a sound resembling laughter reverberates through the trees. He tells his friends to cut it out, believing it to be one of them. Nico reiterates that fairies are present, not frightened at all. Settling on the rationalization that it must be the wind whistling, the group huddles into a circle, and once the noise dies out the panicked boys begin to calm down. However, after only a few moments of quiet a new noise emerges, putting the boys on edge yet again. Nico points up at the sky, having noticed the source. As they all look up, a monster flying in the sky swoops over the children. When Nico jumps about at the sight of the monster, Toma pulls him back by the hood, having witnessed what he believes to be an evil forest spirit.[1]

References Edit

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