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Purple Rhino Knights
Holy Purple Rhino Knights

Golden Age Arc II: The Battle for Doldrey




Boscogn, Chuder



The Holy Purple Rhino Knights were one of Chuder's armies, charged with the defense of Doldrey under the command of General Boscogn.


The knights carried heavy armor and used halberds in battle. In the manga, all Knights, except for Boscogne, carried the same armor and everyone had a purple cloak.


It can be assumed that the Holy Purple Rhino Knights were exceptional in their tactical ability and combat prowess, as they were trusted with taking on the Band of the Hawks in the most important battle of the war. However, thanks to the deluded motives of Doldrey's commander, Gennon, they were never given the chance to win.

Even Adon possessed some measure of combat ability and tact despite his cowardliness, though he was no match for Guts or Casca.


They are defeated by the Band of the Hawk during the One Hundred Year War, largely due to Gennon overruling the military command structure and seizing direct control of the army from the battlefield over the protests of Boscogn. While Boscogn has seen through Griffith's trick, which is to lure the Purple Rhino Knights away from Doldrey, Gennon commands the whole army to follow the Hawks and catch Griffith. During the battle, Boscogn meets his match in Guts, who cuts his head off. Seeing that their Leader is dead and that Doldrey has fallen is too much for the Purple Rhino Knights, and so they flee from the battlefield.




  • As their identifying color is purple, it can be assumed that the Holy Purple Rhino Knights were the highest and strongest army Chuder possessed, as purple is the highest of royal colors.

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