Japanese Name: 闇の領域 (クリフォト)
Romanized Name: Yami no Ryōiki (Kurifoto)
English Name: Qliphoth

The Qliphoth (クリフォト Kurifoto?) is a border-realm within the Interstice, between the Human and Astral worlds.


As the Spirit Tree represented the light and is inhabited by those spawn from the light emanating from the power of "God", the Qliphoth is the tree's natural opposite as its residents are spawned from the impure darkness born from nightmares and humanity's subconscious evil thoughts.


Slan used her powers as a God Hand to convert a wooded area into a corrupted place with her Od while opening portals to the Qliphoth for its denizens to take residence within a small network of caves. Slan appears to Guts in the Qliphoth by embodying the intestines of slain trolls when he reached the central point of the caves' depth.

Inhabitants Edit



  • The term "Qliphoth" or "Qlippoth" is used to represent the manifestation of evil or impure spiritual forces in Jewish mysticism, usually compared to the "Sephiroth".

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