Queen of Midland Manga

Queen of Midland Anime

Queen of Midland



Middorando ōhi


Episode 29
Triumphant Return


(1997 Anime)
Episode 5
A Wind of Swords

Japanese voice

Toshiko Sawada (1997 Anime)

English voice

Suzanne Gilad (1997 Anime)










King of Midland (Husband)
Charlotte (Step daughter)
Julius (Brother in Law, secret lover)
Adonis (Step nephew)

The Queen of Midland (ミッドランド王妃 Middorando ōhi?) is Charlotte's step mother. She disapproves of Charlotte's interest in Griffith and becomes angry at the mercenary leader for plotting the death of her secret lover Julius.

Appearance Edit

The Queen is a middle-aged, aristocratic woman who dresses in clothes typical of medieval European royalty. Usually, her face wears a cold, disapproving gaze. Her dress is grandiose and adorned with embroidered patterns, and her crown and jewellery signify her immense wealth and status. She holds a fan in her hand, and when mourning for her murdered lover, her clothing befits a funeral.

Personality Edit

The Queen of Midland is a manipulative, caustic woman who cheats on her husband with his own brother, feeling unloved by the former. [1] She values the purity of her social standing and conspires to kill Griffith after he rises to nobility despite his origins as a "lowly commoner". However, her primary motive for carrying out his assassination is the death of her lover Julius, who is killed by Guts at Griffith's behest. The Queen is shown to love and deeply care for Julius, becoming furious at his death, which surprises even her as she merely considered him a consort.

Story Edit

Golden Age Arc Edit

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Notes Edit

  • In the 1997 anime, the Queen never has an affair with Count Julius. Instead, she is only seen remembering Princess Charlotte give Griffith the stone knight. Her motive now stems from her pride as a noble; she thinks that the 'nobility is now secure' with Griffith's supposed demise.
  • In the second movie, the Queen only appears in one scene and her death is omitted.
  • The Queen of Midland is not a native of Midland.[1]

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References Edit

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