Rickert's Traveling Party

Episode 341
Soaring Flight


Male and Female

Rickert's Traveling Party (unofficial name) is a party consisting of the allies Rickert came across after the original Band of the Falcon had perished. Years later when Rickert arrived in Falconia with Erica, he slapped Griffith's face and refused to join his reborn Band of the Falcon. As a consequence, he was attacked by Rakshas. After the two Tapasa and Daiba saved Rickert and Erica they formed their own traveling party.

Background Edit

The Tapasa saved Rickert from Rakshas, the one who was exiled from the Bakiraka clan, sent to kill Rickert for spurning Griffith. Rickert, the Tapasa and Silat had previously ambushed Rakshas, but they could not kill him. Rakshas took Erica as a hostage, but she was promptly saved by Daiba. Afterwards, Daiba asked them to join him on their journey. Thus, a small party was gathered. Later on, Rickert and his allies escaped from Rakshas and Falconia atop Daiba's summoned Garuda.

Members Edit

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