Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage

Japanese voice

Yuri Shiratori

English voice

Paula Tiso



Hair color


Eye color





Street performer

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Story Edit

Rita and her troupe were heading to the city ruled by Balzac when they were set upon by bandits, saved by Guts when the bandits considered taking Casca after she appeared. Rita formally introduces herself to Guts and expresses hope he would attend her performance, the swordsman agreeing after being harassed by Puck. But during the show, Rita's fellow performer Job is attacked by the villagers when they recognized his growth as a Mandragora. Guts ends up killing Job with Rita livid before the swordsman and his group are taken to Balzac's fortress, Rita arrested for her association with Job. Rita was saved from being killed when Dunteth and his men raid the castle, staying by Guts' side until arriving to the rebels' base where she remains with Casca while Guts heads off to the Mandragora-infected village to carry out Balzac's request.

But no sooner did Guts and Dunteth leave did the rebels end up being slaughtered by Balzac's men under Gyove while Casca is captured. Rita managed to escape and reach Guts to warn him of Balzac's action during his confrontation with Eriza. When Gyove and his men attack the Mandragora-infected village before fleeing from Nosferatu Zodd's appearance, Rita witnesses Eriza's act of suicide and is compelled to pick up a strange item that fell from the nun's person. As Eriza's death also destroyed the Mandragora Heart she refused to part with, restoring the townspeople who believe Guts killed their loved ones despite Rita's attempt to clear his name. Rita accompanies Guts back to the city and to Balzac's fortress, helping the swordsman save Casca while unknowingly ensuring the dying Balzac's rebirth into an Apostle. After Guts killed Balzac for good, Rita sees him and his friends off while promising to remember them and what they did for her.

Appendices Edit

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