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Samson Coborlwitz
Manga - Anime

Samson Anime

Vital statistics
Kanji Name
Romaji Name
Gender Male
Affiliation Blue Whale Knights
Status Deceased
Occupation Mercenary
Relatives Adon Coborlwitz (Brother)
First appearance
Debut Chapter 18; Episode 13

Samson Coborlwitz was the younger brother of Adon Coborlwitz, and member of the Blue Whale Knights.




Though stated by Adon as the second most powerful warrior in the Blue Whale Knights of the Chuder Army, it is apparent he is the stronger of the two brothers. His armor is three times thicker than normal armor. One swing of his metal ball can smash a full-sized buffalo's head. Fought with Guts in a duel in which he was slain to buy time for the injured Casca. When Adon Coborlwitz was scolded by General Boscogn of Chuder, Samson's loss was among the many reasons.


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