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Serpy (by Puck)


Episode 95
The Black Swordsman, Once More


(2016 Anime)
Episode 1
The Dragonslayer


Golden Age Arc II
The Battle for Doldrey

Japanese voice

Kazuyuki Okitsu (2016 Anime)
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20 (as of Fantasia) [1]


175 cm (5'9") [1]


63 kg (139 lbs) [1]

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Guts' Travelling Party

Previous affiliation

Holy Iron Chain Knights


Farnese's Bodyguard

Previous occupation

Herald of Arms


Federico de Vandimion III (Father)
Farnese de Vandimion (Half-sister)
Magnifico de Vandimion (Half-brother)
Georgio de Vandimion (Half-brother)
Politiano de Vandimion (Half-brother)

"I am a man usually dissociated from intense emotion. I adapt to my circumstances and fill the role I am given. That is my style."
– Serpico

Serpico (セルピコ Serupiko?) is one of the main characters of the series. He is a servant and illegitimate son of the noble Vandimion family who would join Guts' Traveling Party along with his half-sister Farnese.

Appearance Edit

Serpico is a slender young man with blond hair. His most notable feature is that his eyes are closed at almost all times, except for when he is very serious. He is often compared to a fox because of this.

While a member of the Holy Iron Chain Knights, Serpico wore silvery-white armor around a green shirt with matching scarf and skirt. After leaving the Iron Chain Knights, Serpico wears traveler's garbs prior to receiving the Sylph Cloak.

Personality Edit

Serpico is polite in manner, and very loyal, sincere, and protective of Farnese. From his terrible life on the streets, he has grown to show very little emotion, often hiding his true feelings behind a facade of incompetence or sarcasm. He is scared of fire and dislikes the sight of blood, which makes him an unlikely warrior. He learned from growing up poor that revenge only brings more revenge, and avoids creating these situations. Farnese would sometimes force him into duels with other nobles that insulted his honor, but, though he was always far better than his opponent, he chose to purposefully end it in a draw, as he was well aware that the nobles would want revenge. Serpico views Farnese as his guardian angel for saving him from his miserable life on the streets, and does not hate her, despite that she condemned his demented mother for being a heretic (when she, quite obviously, was not), and forced him to burn her himself.

He is very observant and careful when it comes to potential threats when deducing the possibility of danger towards Farnese, even going as far as threatening Guts. When he is serious, he tends to go back to his cold and unsympathetic nature in thinking and speaking but after he lost his battle with Guts and accepted defeat, he warmed up to him and the group and frequently smiles, talks and worries with them. His relationship with Farnese changed ever since his prolonged adventure with his party and the arrival of Roderick.

In truth, Serpico is a kind individual, hiding it behind banter and allowing his concern for others to fuel his less moral acts. Farnese' safety and well-being is Serpico's highest priority. Serpico has developed a dislike of how much Farnese looks up to Guts, and fears the Beast of Darkness will force Guts to kill Farnese sooner or later. After rejoining Guts' party and sailing to Elfhelm, Serpico has gotten over this dislike somewhat and trusts Guts, fighting alongside him when pitted against monsters.

Abilities Edit

Physical Abilities Edit

Serpico is a deft fencer, very clever and cunning. Farnese states that he could defeat nobles in fencing with one hand tied behind his back, and was angered that he held back in order to keep both combatants alive. At first, he doesn't seem a threat at all, but when Guts heads for Farnese during the Black Swordsman hunt, it seems that Serpico is responsible for throwing a branch at Guts' arrow wound to immobilize him. Serpico's great skill is not enough to make him a match for Guts in a head-on fight, leading him to tip other factors in his favor to keep ahead. However, the Sylph Cloak and Sylph Sword make him much more agile and give him offensive capabilities to keep even with Guts.

Serpico is also a very good cook and Guts' Traveling Party often look forward to the meals he prepares. Serpico has fought apostles every day with Guts and Isidro, thus gaining more combat experience. He was quick enough to save Farnese and lift her up with one hand from falling off the Tower of Conviction.

Tactical Abilities Edit

Serpico has a habit of acting docile, incompetent, or both in order to drop enemies' guards, and in truth he is neither. He acts fast and is a strategist; the first time he and Guts clash, he is able to survive from a direct hit, and the second time, he cleverly puts Guts in a tight situation where he cannot draw his sword and is able to escape by quickly grabbing a miniature bomb from Guts and using it to cover his getaway.

Equipment Edit

  • Rapier: Serpico is shown to use this several times on humans, as Farnese's bodyguard he's very adept at fencing.
  • Sylph Sword: Given to him by Schierke, along with the "Wind Cloak", it can cut Trolls, Daka or any other regular sized beings easily, by sending wind. Can send more than one wave to dispose of many enemies. However, even under a full moon, which is said to increase the power of the weapon's magic, it was not able to cut off a Sea Slug's main tentacle.
  • Sylph Cloak: The same origin and properties as the "Wind Sword", it makes his light body more buoyant thus increasing his jumping height in a way that is comparable to flight, air maneuverability, mobility, etc. and can summon strong winds to deflect attacks and projectiles. It synergies very well with the wind sword as both responsibly made a wind pressure barrier able to disperse a lightning strike from Ganishka. It has the same kind of Sylph spirit and the pair of items have a somewhat strong attachment to Serpico as when Schierke offered him the items again, it jumps to him (controlled by the wind spirits).

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk Edit

Serpico is a playable character in the 2016 game Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. Like Griffith and Casca, Serpico is lightning-fast, but lacks heavy-hitting options and has little in the way of defense. Serpico can have problems breaking enemy guards, due to most of his more damaging attacks being repeat slashes. Serpico's sub-weapon abilities include the Crossbow, which holds 30 bolts, Lightning Cut, a slash that can pierce defense, Wind Vacuum, which creates a field of wind that sucks in all nearby enemies, and Sylph's Blessing, which increases his defense for a short time.

Serpico's repeating slash (X/X/X/X/△) can cut down enemies quickly, and his tornado (X/X/X/X/X/△) does decent damage and can slay upwards of forty enemies at once, sucking them into its range and carrying them off. Serpico's Frenzy mode draws the Sylph Sword and expands his range and damage, and for his Deathlow, Serpico jumps up and assaults the enemy with a flurry of powerful slashes before finishing them off with a tornado.

In the Endless Eclipse, Serpico typically appears as a boss, but can appear as an ally on certain missions. Certain characters can also be given one of his missions, in which he desires to master magic to protect Farnese. His final five bosses on Layers 96--100 are Guts, an Ogre, a Kelpie, Mozgus, and Femto in that order. Serpico's reward for defeating Femto on Layer 100 of the Endless Eclipse is the outfit Helmed Holy Iron Chain Knight, which dresses Serpico in his Chain Knight outfit and places his fox helmet on his head.

Notes Edit

  • The name "Serpico" is related to "Serpe"--"serpent" or "reptile"--in Italian and Portuguese[2], which appears fitting given Serpico often wears green and is agile and clever in combat.
  • Serpico's fighting style of using a rapier and using wits and tactics to beat an opponent, is similar to Griffith's tactical style, before joining the God Hand and both serves as a contrast to Guts' brutal, heavy, two-handed style.
  • Despite Federico being his father, Serpico is not recognized as a member of the de Vandimion family and is seen as merely a servant to Farnese.
  • Serpico bears some similarities to fallen Falcons' member Pippin since both characters keep their eyes shut nearly all the time, and both Serpico and Pippin serve as a protector to a particular person, Pippin to Rickert, Serpico to Farnese. Moreover, Serpico is the first person to fight alongside Guts on the battlefield since Pippin.
  • Serpico is the second person in Guts' Traveling party to have killed his own parent, in his case this was his mother, as Guts killed his own adopted father.
  • In Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, Serpico will use the Sylph Sword when entering Frenzy mode in his boss fights, even when he should not have access to that gear that early in the story.

References Edit

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