Snake Baron's Bandits
Snake Baron's Bandits

Episode A0
The Black Swordsman


(1997 Anime)
Episode 1
Black Swordsman

(2016 Anime)
Episode 1
The Dragon Slayer






Snake Baron



Snake Baron's Bandits is a small group of 5 (4 in the anime) bandits who work for the Snake Baron and cause trouble in a Tavern in Koka when Guts first arrives, tormenting the elf Puck, nearly killing Isidro in the 2016 anime, and harassing Collette in the 1997 anime. While all but one are promptly killed in the 1997 anime, they only suffer injuries in the 2016 anime and are later killed by a tree.

Appearance Edit

Each of them are just like any typical mercenary, coated with armor and weapons. In the 1997 anime, their armor all follows a brown contrast rather than the typical grey they appear to be in the manga.

Black Haired (Blonde in the anime) Leader - Long hair in the classic 80's style with two strands crossing long in front of each ear almost like sideburns. His overall stature is about normal in size, with standard mercenary breastplate featuring armored shoulder pads and tan colored pants. Unique to his character, his left hand is bandaged while his right arm features a gauntlet much like how Guts styled his look. He carries a standard sword with him. He is voiced in Japanese by Masashi Sugawara and by Daryl Bowling in English.

Igor (Igole in the 1997 anime) - The largest man in the group, he specialized his armour with animal fur around the shoulders and passing across onto the top portion of the breastplate. The midsection over his stomach has an intersecting belt on either end and in addition to the fur on his shoulders, his lower body above the tops of his thighs also is cloaked in a deep fur made into underpants or shorts like a barbarian's clothe. He wears standard tan pants along with matching boots and clothe around his wrists like bracelets. His hair has formed into a bowl cut, with a moustache connecting end to end beneath his nose and a few teeth missing as well. His voice in the Japanese version is done by Ikuya Sawaki while the English voice actor is Jeff Ward.

Helmet Bandit - Standard mercenary army-ware, either steel or iron plated armour with a matching helmet that covers everything except his mouth and eyes. The armour also has shoulder pads connected by thread and a decorational disc on each side on the front chest plate. He wears tan pants with armored boots He is about average height as well for a bandit. His Japanese voice actor was Masahito Kawanago while his English voice was supplied by Marc Diraison, who also voiced Guts in the dub.

Gamaru - A little bit taller than some of his comrades, he wears practically the same armor as the Leader but with a circle disc decoration on the stomach portion on the front instead of a strap for a sword. His hair is cut short and he has a bit of a brutish face to accompany it. In the anime, he is voiced by Shoto Kashii in the Japanese version and in the English dub he is voiced by Jeff Swarthout.

Bandana Bandit (does not exist in the anime) - The most muscular and fit of the group, he is shown to wear simply an armored belt that intersects like an X across his chest that attaches to outer armor for his groin. He wears pants that are cut off at the top of his thighs and boots to match it. He is apparently bald, so he wears a Bandanna for the short time he's featured to cover this up.

Personality Edit

All of the bandits are ill mannered and rude to everyone around them. In the Manga, they're already at the tavern with Igor chucking daggers at Puck with the other four laughing it up in the anime, they burst in through the front door and throw the young girl named Collette to the floor as the proclaim they have arrived. Their personalities are more elaborated on in the anime, specifically the leader and Gamaru. They come off as extremely rude and sexist towards women, most likely intending to rape Collette after they've finished humiliating her at the tavern. All are quick to fear when one member dies and especially the survivor (the Leader) who suffers the most pain out of all of them.

Weapons Edit

Igor carried daggers (a sword in the anime), while the Leader and the others carried standard swords.

History Edit

Black Swordsman Arc Edit

After Guts finishes off the Female Apostle, he makes his way into Koka to encounter the Snake Baron and one of his first stops is a Tavern (most likely to sniff out his location by using henchmen). It's here that Igor, the biggest man in the group, is shown chucking daggers at little tied up Elf by the name of Puck. Puck expresses himself loudly as not being very happy with his situation and lobs insults at the "fathead", who brushes off the words and proclaims he'll shove them back down his throat. At that very moment however, a bolt comes from across the room and strikes Igor through the side of the skull, pinning him to a nearby support beam for the tavern.

Gamaru and the Helmet Bandit proceed to attack but are instantly felled by bolts to the eyes and face, ultimately killing both of them easily. The Leader is left standing in shock of what just happened and looks back at Guts, unsure what to do. Then another bolt strikes him through the nose and forces a bunch of blood to gush out onto the floor, though that's just the beginning for the leader. Guts calmly walks up to him and grabs the bolt, twisting it and forcing it into a table to pin him there. Guts asks the leader if he's one of the Baron's lackeys to which he doesn't reply at first but then forces out the words "yes...sir..." and then follows up with the demand that he informs the Baron of his arrival. With a warning from Puck (though not required) the final bandit, the Bandana bandit, moves in to attack Guts from behind to which he responds by unsheathing his gigantic sword, the Dragon Slayer, and cleaving the man in half horizontally through the middle, his upper body crashing into a group of spectators. As Guts returns his sword to his back, he reminds the Leader to tell the Baron of his arrival and leaves the establishment.

Some time after the Leader bandages his nose and returns to inform the Baron of the Black Swordsman.

Notes Edit

  • Many color changes were done for these characters between the manga and the anime. While they were only featured as black and white characters in the manga, the two blonde haired characters were obviously black haired due to the color scheme in the manga and their armour was of a much lighter color.
  • The roles were also reversed for some of the bandits, with Gamaru taking Igor's place as the first one to die in the Anime and then Igole (Igor) taking the Bandana Bandit's place as the one to assault Guts from behind.
  • According to the credits in the anime, the Leader's name may be Dean but it's uncertain at this moment. In the manga scene where he tells the Baron about what happened at the tavern he says that "Dean was split in half" referring to the Bandana bandit (it's possible that this may be due to an error by the anime staff).
  • In the Dark Horse translation, Guts calls them "thugs from Koka Castle".

Appendices Edit

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