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Sword of actuation

The Skull Knight unveiling his Sword of Actuation.

The Sword of Actuation is the result of the Skull Knight's Sword of Thorns being coated in the molten mass of countless ingested behelits stored within him.


The Abyss Opens On Qliphoth

A portal to the Abyss created by the Skull Knight.

It has been shown to possess space-cleaving capabilities, reaching into even the depths of the Abyss. The sword is also capable of cutting open space-time dimensional portals leading to other locations within the physical realm, and thus allowing for well-nigh instant travel.[1] It was by way of a space-distorting tear formed from this sword that Ganishka's Shiva form was converted into the World Spiral Tree, thus triggering the merging of the physical and astral realms.[2]



The Skull Knight attempting to strike Femto down with his Sword of Actuation.

The Skull Knight was forced to unveil his Sword of Actuation following Slan's defeat in the deepest level of Qliphoth. He used it to send the subsequent swarm of multiplying trolls and ogres swirling into the Abyss before tearing open a portal leading to Qliphoth's uppermost level, which he used to escape with Guts and return the swordsman to his companions.[1]

Later, atop Ganishka's Shiva form, he uses it in a seeming attempt at Femto's life; however, the sword stroke aimed for Femto is redirected by the angel towards Ganishka, triggering the World Transformation.[2]


  • In spite of commonly being colored crimson in mediums outside of the Berserk manga, the Sword of Actuation has no confirmed color. The Skull Knight clarifies that the behelits which constitute the Sword of Actuation are in fact those he has taken from apostles.[1] Additionally, the Crimson Behelit is reserved for those chosen to become members of the God Hand alone.[3]


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