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Sylph Cloak
Sylph Cloak



Shirufe no fūdo


Chapter 203



The Sylph Cloak (シルフェのフード Shirufe no fūdo?), also known as the Wind Cloak, is one of the magical items bestowed by Flora and Schierke to Guts and his team to help Schierke in her fight against the trolls raiding Enoch Village, along with Casca and Farnese's Silver Surcoats, Farnese's Silver Dagger, Serpico's Sylph Sword, Isidro's Salamander Dagger and the refused Axe of the Gnomes. Serpico is the cloak's wearer.


The Sylph Cloak has the appearance of a simple green hooded cloak, with four tassels adorning the bottom edge. While invisible to the naked eye of a normal human, people who are attuned to the Astral Plane can see small tiny elemental spirits, the Sylph, dwelling in the fabric and blessing the mantle with enhanced properties.


As the Sylph are wind elementals - the ancient spirits from whom the Pisky race of elves descended - the wearer of the Sylph Cloak is bestowed with enhanced levity and agility, able to leap almost weightlessly and float gently down to the ground. Serpico, a skilled and fast fencer, uses the cloak to help himself better dodge his enemies, and surprise them with his enhanced ability to jump. He has shown to have mastered use of it earlier than all of his other companions have learned to use their own weapons and equipment, besides Guts and his Berserker Armor.


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