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The Count's Guards are a soldier outfit comprising of at least 200 units that serve under the Count and their commander is captain Zondark.

Overview Edit

Every guard within the Count's personal army has been shown to wear armor, with the swordsman and spearmen wearing full body plate armor with a helmet complete with a beak-shaped visor. The archers on the other hand wear looser clothing, their heaviest armor being a plated cuirass over top of clothe and armored boots. Of the soldier's faces that have been seen, all have brutish faces.

Gerico wears a heavy bodysuit of armor, much like the swordsman but more equipped to his size. His helmet has a unique headguard to the rest, being flat and with designs etched into it, protecting his otherwise very wrinkled face that lacks any facial hair (including eyebrows).

Captain Zondark wears a heavy bodysuit of armor, much like Gerico, except the face guard to his helmet is personally designed like a face that allows him to stare through the eyes as if the face was his own. Zondark without his helmet has a brutish face with short, scraggly black hair and a thick jaw. His ears have the same kind of point that Guts has.

Equipment Edit

The guard's weaponry differs from soldier to soldier, with swordsman carrying standard iron and steel swords complete with a sheathe at the hip while archers use primarily crossbows and arrows, there are even soldiers that use long spears in combat.

Swordsmen typically wear armor that covers their entire body, forming a tip or beak from the faceplate as only their eyes are visible. Archers wear more flexible clothing, with merely a head cap to allow their field of vision to not be obstructed by armor. They also wear merely the plated cuirass, with the rest of their attire being that of clothe and then the armored boots. Spear men wear the same armor that the swordsmen do.

Gerico, one of their strongest members, uses a flail with two spiked balls attached via chains to a rod as his weapon. He also carries a large wooden shield with iron plating to reinforce the durability. His armor covers his entire body and is fitted to his large size, with his helmet and face guard protecting everything except for his eyes.

Zondark, the captain of the guards, uses a large warhammer with extreme destructive capabilities. His armor is much like Gerico's except he possesses a unique face guard in the shape of a human face that his eyes can stare out of, most likely for intimidation. This however causes a drawback, as part of the mask is stuck in his face after Guts shatters his warhammer.

Types of Units Edit

  • Swordsman - Frontline soldiers that attack using a variety of swords.
  • Archers - Soldiers that specialize in the use of ranged weapons such as bows and crossbows.
  • Spearmen - Capable soldiers that are able to use spears in combat.
  • Commander - The leader of the group; a person that the others respect and follow the orders of accordingly.

Personalities Edit

All the soldiers are shown to have personalities that match that of knights, pronouncing their orders with the confidence of a loyal soldier. Only one is shown to be particularly cocky, the very first that Guts encounters while the rest can be cowardly in the face of losing against an unstoppable enemy. A few appear to get a sort of thrill off of having a target in their sights, such as the archers, possibly hinting at a competitive, dominant nature.

Gerico is shown to have virtually no personality, aside from following orders just like any other soldier. Captain Zondark on the other hand has a very overconfident personality, to where he easily underestimates his opponent. After losing in a battle, he is overcome with rage to suggest he has very strong anger issues.

Story Edit

Black Swordsman Arc Edit

When Guts arrives in the Count's city, he picks up the head of a female who has just been executed. Upon one of the guard's noticing this, he approaches Guts with his face guard up to show a smirking man who would dare Guts to try something. When Guts suddenly grins and spits on the guard, this forces the smile off the man as he becomes enraged then observes the newcomer toss the head towards the Count, offering up a challenge. This infuriates the man further, who draws his spwear in an attempt to attack Guts that is thwarted as soon as it started when he uses his Cannon Arm to smash his nose into his skull and abruptly kills the man. Guts then proceeds to leave the execution grounds, to which Dahl orders the guards to pursue him.

All the soldiers surround Guts in a tight, organized formation ready to do battle as they order him to surrender. When Guts refuses to do so, he cuts through several of the Guards and this results in a widespread panic. It is quickly forgotten as they charge forth in an attempt to attack, only for many of them to fail in their attempt. After some time, captain Zondark appears as a looming shadow over Guts and several of the guards call out his name in surprise. When the captain expresses his observation of Guts and his weapon, he decides to put it to the test against his warhammer and during this battle, several guards are killed by his weapon hitting them by mistake to which Zondark shows no concern. After enough time passes, Guts finally retaliates and busts not just the warhammer but also the mask he had been wearing to protect his face. Guts then steps on his head and pushes pieces of the broken hammer further into Zondark's face, before facing the many enemies that are still left.

At that moment a smoke bomb allows him to escape to which the guards are shown mainly as background characters from this point, except for Zondark who (while in recovery) becomes a Pseudo-Apostle because of his desire to crush the Black Swordsman. After a second battle, Vargas is caught and soon after executed, to where Guts eventually invades the castle and starts slaying more soldiers in his path. Eventually he reaches a room that Dahl has been waiting in with several spear men and archers. After Guts ignores the order to surrender, the crossbows are fired and Guts blocks all with the use of his cape and mechanical arm. He then proceeds to slay many of the soldiers, even Gerico who appears as a threat in his path but is easily dealt with by biforication. The remaining guards flee as Guts makes his way to the Count's throne room.

It is unknown if Guts had slain every single guard, but seeing as how there was no further resistance from them it appears he may have killed everyone who hadn't already retreated the premises.

Notes Edit

  • In an in-panel total, Guts kills 26 guards and with the addition of Gerico and Zondark, this total comes to 28. This list is based on in-panel kills (shown kills, basically onscreen) and very well could be far greater (including off screen kills that are not shown).