The Daydream

Griffith appears before himself.

The Daydream occurs while Griffith is laying in the carriage after being rescued from his torture at the Tower of Rebirth. They are triggered by him overhearing Guts and Casca's conversation.

First DaydreamEdit

In the first daydream, his peak physical form appears and points at the shining castle high above, telling him not to be afraid. Then he sees himself as a child running through a city towards the castle. The castle represents his dream that he will never betray. All the while, he has taken off in the carriage, with no real destination, but in his mind he is heading towards the castle.

Second DaydreamEdit

The second daydream happens immediately after, when the carriage is tripped on a rock and Griffith is sent flying. While he is in the air he has a short vision of a possible future, one in which he has given up on his dream and has settled down with Casca. He and Casca have had a kid, named Guts, who is chasing their dog, Pippin. Griffith thinks to himself, "this tranquil life is not so bad." But then, out of his soup floats the Crimson Behelit, and he is brought back to reality.



  • In Golden Age Arc III: Descent, the second daydream is removed while the first daydream is altered to Griffith seeing his childhood self calling out to him before running off.

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