The Field
Eclipse Field
English Name: The Field
Manga Debut: Episode 73
Anime Debut: (1997 Anime)
Episode 23
Eve of the Feast
Golden Age Arc III

The Field is a location of importance, as it momentarily became part of the Interstice during the Eclipse, and is the place where Griffith became a member of the God Hand.

Geography Edit


The setting of the Eclipse.

Located along the border of Midland, much of the landscape is filled with rolling hills of a prairie and gentle blades of grass that easily sway in the wind. Several geographical features include multiple rocks placed throughout the land as well as ponds. The sky depicted at the time of the Eclipse was of a perfect blue, moving over to dusk with few clouds in the sky.

The field's geography alters greatly after an Interstice linking it and the Abyss is created. The rolling hills and blades of grass are replaced with human faces mashed together. The night sky is filled with black clouds; only the eclipsed sun is seen while it emits an unsettling dark magenta glow. The ponds are filled with blood, and the last, but not the least, geographical transformation occurs when the God Hand arrives. That transformation makes a gigantic hand and arm appear, which are made of a myriad of human faces. The hand settles itself as if to balance the eclipsed sun within its palm.

History Edit

Eclipse calling

Griffith finding his Beherit.

When the Band of the Falcon saved Griffith, learning that his body had been crippled and mutilated, they planned to get him out of Midland. However, once they are about to get out of the country, Griffith flees from the Band of the Falcon in a carriage, reaching a lake along the border. There, accepting that his dream can never be fulfilled with his body crippled and mutilated, Griffith's attempted suicide results in him finding his Beherit, his blood reaching it as Guts and the other Falcons find him. Then, noticing strange figures on the other side of the lake, Guts and the Falcons find themselves in a strange place.

Incarnation Ceremony

Within minutes, the God Hand manifest from the surrounding environment: Slan from the hills of faces, Conrad from the ground, Ubik from the sky, and Void from the darkness. Void welcomes Griffith and his sacrificial offerings as he and the rest of the God Hand explain the significance of the Eclipse, before Conrad has a giant forearm rise upward with Griffith in its palm. Ubik then proceeds to show Griffith a vision of the person he has always been; then, Void tempts the human to accept his destiny and to offer his comrades' lives so that he can attain his dream as one of the God Hand.

Apostles During The Eclipse

Apostles preparing for their feast.

Though Guts momentarily reaches Griffith, he is unable to stop him from accepting the God Hand's offer to achieve his dream through sacrificing his comrades; Griffith is thus encased within the arm-like structure. Void then proceeds to brand all humans present with the Brand of Sacrifice, so that the Apostles can commence the ritualistic killing of the Falcons. Their deaths cause Griffith to transcend his humanity and to become the final God Hand member. Only Guts and Casca survive the blood bath, witnessing Griffith emerge in his reborn state. At that time, Rickert approaches the Field and sees a whirlwind, the barrier of the Interstice, in which his companions are trapped. Furthermore, in front of the whirlwind, the young boy sees the Skull Knight, who incapacitates Nosferatu Zodd and then enters the Field and save the two surviving sacrifices.


The Holy Iron Chain Knights finding the red lake.

Its purpose over, the transformed Field goes back to a more normal appearance with the end of the solar eclipse. Moreover, the gathered Apostles return to the physical plane before going their separate ways; the only evidence of their actions would be seen in the remains of their victims, which have also been transported back to the physical plane and into the Field's lake. Some time after the Eclipse, the Holy Iron Chain Knights are sent to investigate a prophecy, and find the lake that has been reddened by the blood of the Falcons killed by the Apostles.

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Notes Edit

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