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  • So, Berserk's coming back as all of you probably know. Your thought on it? What do you want to see and what do you actually expect to see? Let us know!

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    • I would really like to see Elf island thats what really is getting me excited, also i wanan see guts fight a dragon... with his dragon slayer, finnaly use that sword for what it was meant for, cuz finnaly dragons appeared in berserk after what griffith the skull night and ganisika(cant spell lol) did...  

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    • That's cool. Personally, for the time being I just want to see Guts getting off the boat and going to Elf island as well.

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    • Honestly? It won't happen, but I'd love it if Casca returned to normal and, after a while (this is Berserk and we know how the mind behind it is like!), she became crucial in facing Griffith.But, to be honest, I expect things to get worse somehow.

      Also, I'd like to get more information on the Apostles following Griffith, be it as a backstory or as a way to test their actual strength.

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    • i want to see the skull knights plan for guts, and how guts will utilize the behelit.  We know guts can take on Apostles, and possibly kill memebers of the gods hand.  The only reason he has not been able to is because he is usually so badly hurt that he physically can't, but the berserk armor will allow him to keep on fighting.  Im curious on Casca as well, if she rejects going back to her former self, what will that do to guts, he will have to live with the fact that he can never have her back.  

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    • I think if Casca would return back to normal, she would rather stay behind than travel with Guts, because of the whole rape by Femto, and everything between, her, Guts, and Griffith, and God Hand, and all things considered, she would rather live peacefully than like going to de facto war with the Apostoles.

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