Episode 39
The Fallen Falcon


(1997 Anime)
Episode 21


Golden Age Arc II
The Battle for Doldrey

Japanese voice

Yutaka Aoyama (1997 Anime)
Chafurin (Film)

English voice

Liam O'Brien (Film)



Hair color


Eye color

Unknown (pin-prick)








Dungeon keeper

The Torturer, real name unknown, is the King of Midland's personal dungeon keeper, and the one who subjected Griffith to a year's worth of excruciating torture nearing the end of the Golden Age Arc.

Appearance Edit

The torturer is a plump, deformed dwarf with contorted, pig-like facial features, pin-prick eyes, a harelip, and long, unkempt grey hair. All he wears is a pair of burlap pants and opanak (peasant shoes).

Personality Edit

The torturer is a sick, depraved individual who considers his work as a form of art, giddily enjoying every moment he spends mentally and physically breaking his victims. His methods are repulsive and beyond cruel, albeit creative and effective, consisting of flogging, elinguation, boiling water baths, flaying, and tendon slicing. He also loves psychological torture, and is very prone to child-like taunts. He's clearly a coward, however, as the second Guts attacks him, he's begging for mercy as pathetically as possible. He also mockingly claims to have formed a spouse-like bond with Griffith after their year together.

History Edit

Golden Age Arc Edit

After Griffith is caught and arrested for sleeping with Princess Charlotte, he's brought to depths of the Kingdom of Midland's dungeon and locked up. As he's viciously flogged by an enraged king, Griffith correctly deduces his hidden incestuous motives, which pushes the king to his breaking point and has him order the torturer to give Griffith his worst, but keep him alive. As the Torturer begins his work, he spotted Griffith's necklace and was entranced by its "beauty" before he accidently dropped it into the drain when startled from seeing one of its eyes twitched.

Torturer AV

The Torturer showing off Griffith's tongue

The torturer gleefully spends the next year subjecting Griffith to various methods of torture, slicing Griffith's tendons to keep him from running, skinning him, bathing him in boiling water, flogging him, trapping his head in a crude parody of his iconic White Falcon helmet, and finally ripping his tongue out to turn it into a souvenir. When the Band of the Falcon arrived to break their leader out of prison, having alerted the guards, the torturer locked them in his cell as he is delighted to have more subjects to torture. Feeling confident that he is safe as Guts demanded if he is the one who mutilated Griffith, the torturer confessed and described every act he committed in graphic detail. The torturer then unveiled Griffith's tongue and licks it perversely, provoking Guts enough for him to burst through the door and impale the torturer's shoulder with his sword.


The Torturer being killed by Guts.

The frightened torturer dangles over the bottomless pit as Guts proceeds to cut his tongue out, telling the torturer that he won't go to heaven double-tongued while commenting that his rancid breath makes him more suited for hell. The torturer let out a final blubbering plea for mercy, and Guts mockingly claimed he couldn't understand him before letting him slowly slide off the sword in agony and straight into the pit.

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