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Tower of Rebirth
Tower of Rebirth
English Name: Tower of Rebirth
Manga Debut: Chapter 130
Infiltrating Windham (2)
Anime Debut: (1997 Anime)
Episode 22

The Tower of Rebirth is located in Windham and is used as a prison. The tower and underground prison were built after the pagan war, however the hole underneath it was there long before.


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Griffith is thrown into this tower and put to the torture on the King's orders for having sex with Princess Charlotte. It is during his rescue by Guts, Casca and the Band of the Hawk that we learn the tale of Emperor Gaiseric. Another mysterious element is revealed that at the bottom of the hole, corpses are seen with a strange mark on their forehead. This is most likely related to a key event in the Skull Knight's life which sparked his cold hatred towards the God Hand.

After Emperor Ganishka's conquest of Windham, he has Charlotte locked up in the top floor of the tower. Interestingly, it is directly opposite Griffith's position in the tower at the bottommost level.


  • According to Judeau, it is the tallest and oldest tower in Midland.

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