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Japanese Name: 獣鬼
Romanized Name: Torōru
English Name: Trolls
First Appearance: Chapter 199

Trolls are a numerous, predatory race from the nightmare world of the Qliphoth.[1]

Trolls are hairy, apelike humanoids with a limited degree of intelligence. They have little ability to make weapons, and often steal them from humans. If their comrades are injured, they will eat them instead of aiding them. They also kidnap humans in raids for food, and they seem to breed by impregnating captured human women, from whose wombs infant trolls dig out and eat their flesh. Though less dangerous than the likes of demons or Apostles, they are still very difficult to combat without magic, given their viciousness and unnatural nature.

Trolls are supposed to be astral creatures, but since Griffith's reincarnation, they have gained access to the physical world. They began attacking the neighboring humans of Enoch Village and kidnapping villagers for food and breeding stock until they were largely wiped out through the intervention of Guts and his companions.

Given the changed nature of the world after Griffith's parting of the barrier between magic and reality, it seems likely that more trolls have entered the world.


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