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Ubik Anime

Vital statistics
Kanji Name ユービック
Romaji Name Yūbikku
Gender Male
Affiliation God Hand
Status Alive
Occupation Member of the God Hand
Relatives Void (brother), Femto (brother), Slan (sister), Conrad (brother)
First appearance
Debut Chapter 6; Episode 24

Ubik (ユービック Yūbikku) is a member of the God Hand.


He has the form of a small floating figure wearing glasses that appear to be imbedded in his face and having tentacle-like legs.



Eclipse ArcEdit

During Eclipse, it was Ubik who convinced Griffith to continue walking towards his dream.

The Count ArcEdit

Ubik appears with the rest of the God Hand when they are summoned by the Count after he is beaten by Guts. During this sequence, Ubik is the one who reveals to Theresia the true fate of her Mother.

Tower of Conviction ArcEdit

During the Incarnation Ceremony, Ubik, along with the other members of the God Hand, briefly manifested using the dead body of The Imp (Mozgus's disciple) and several of the evil spirits that had gathered in order to witness Femto's rebirth.

Ubik during the World Transformation. He is seen sitting at a table surrounded by various of creatures.
NexorathAdded by Nexorath

Ubik is also shown when the World Transformation occurs. He is seen surrounded by many images taken from the "Hell" panel of an actual painting, done by Hieronymus Bosch, named "The Garden of Earthly Delights." Both the panel and the painting depict many fantastic yet disturbing visions that could represent Ubik's nature and purpose, one of the more interesting things being the giant tree man he rides in, believed by many to symbolize the Antichrist (a similar figure Ubik could very well have made Griffith into).


Ubik appears to be a deceiver; he is able to conjure up images from the past to persuade potential Apostles and God Hands to fulfill the ritual of sacrifice. He can also manipulate time and can open up the time dimension and view events from the past like the other God hand members. Like the other God Hand he can see the future and manipulate causality.


  • His name is taken from Philip K. Dick's "Ubik".
  • In the anime series he is voiced by Chafurin in Japanese, and by Christian Collingwood in English.
  • In the Berserk film trilogy he is still voiced by Chafurin, making him the only character voiced by the same person in both the anime series and the film.

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