Projects List

The purpose of this list is to keep track of updates and projects needed for the wikia. Feel free to help if you can in any way.

  • Creating a Minor Characters page, for characters that appear in the series, but aren't important enough for their own page (Complete)
  • Adding Quotes at the top of EVERY character page (30% Complete)
  • New background photo for the site (In progress)
  • Adding pages for all Berserk OST Soundtracks (Complete)
  • "Music" category with all appropriate sub-folder and sections (Complete)
  • Matching all existing templates to the current font, color and style (Complete)
  • Adding "date released" to the Manga Chapters (Incomplete)
  • Adding lyrics to all lyrical songs that require it (Complete)
  • Updating all character infoboxes to include proper categorizing of "Debuts" (Incomplete)
  • Creating proper Site Nav boxes for Protagonists, Antagonists, Supernatural Beings, Music, etc. (70% Complete)
  • Create a proper Berserk Wiki Twitter, which can automatically retweet any news related to Berserk. (Incomplete)