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English Name: Virtannis
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The port city of Vritannis has become a garrison for the Holy See Religious Order and its allied armies. Consequently, it is also a stronghold of several prominent nobles of the continent, and the home of the prestigious Vandimion Family.



Guts and company go there seeking a ship that would take them to the island of Skellig. There they almost lose Farnese to the Vandimion house when she offers her hand in marriage for a license for the group to book passage.

During the Kushan invasion, Guts and company manage to escape aboard Roderick's ship and sail for Skellig. Roderick agreed to carry the group as passengers because of his betrothal to Farnese.



  • Vritannis is believed to be the Berserk version of the city of Rome, for many reasons. The Papacy is based in Vritannis, which mirrors the Vatican in Rome. The prestigious Medici and Farnese (among others) had town houses (basically city castles for wealthy merchants) there, and Rome is a large port city. Vritannis also has similarities to real world cities such as Milan, Venice or Córdoba. According to Serpico's words in the Pillar Hall (based on the Great Mosque of Córdoba), Vritannis was a Kushan enclave in the past, before being conquered by the Holy See's forces. Though many of these features suggest it to be Constantanople as well.

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